A Conversation with Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player

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Will C says:

Imagine Gary Player providing commentary on Master's Sunday with Jim Nantz…

frisco21 says:

Unfortunately, Player's reputation was permanently damaged by his cheating scandal. Player's bag of tricks is widely known among golf insiders. Tom Watson once called him out in public at a tournament.

househansa says:

Four people landed in the water.

Fatman Inhell says:

Gary is the greatest sportsman of all time

Ummry Zainuddin says:

Rooting for Tigar and Rory this year! ??

TTT S says:

Tiger has no chance at all!

TTT S says:

Mark my words, This is the year of an Unexpected winner.

Noah Moelter says:

Both of them built courses in Kiawah Island where I golf every summer

Noah Moelter says:

This would be complete with Arnie

Noah Moelter says:

Is that the guy that is the announcer for the PGA Tour highlights
(I don’t mean Gary or Jack)

Gam3Junkie says:

I love the Masters. And you have to love Jack and Gary!

Gerard Guitarist says:

Bubba, Bubba, Bubba!!!

South Georgia's Drummer and Grill Master says:

3 people need their noggin slapped evidently !

e james says:

I watched some master's from the mid-late 60's. I didn't get into golf until nick was on the senior tour so seeing him on the tv in his prime was a revelation. Dude was stout and straight up germanic. You could put him on the eastern front in july '44 and he'd look perfect, with his blue eyes shining through a face caked in mud.. Crusading against bolshevism and lofting 2 irons from 220 yards out. 18 majors, count 'em.

G.I.Jose says:

Imagine playing a round with these two and Arnie. The golf and the company would be simply sublime.

The Bleacher Dispatch says:

The Black Knight, the Golden Bear, the King missing…RIP Arnie! Winning the Master's gets a lifetime invite to the first major of the year but I think the ceremonial teeing off is over for these two legends…Maybe not well see tomorrow…And to think, Jack won his 6th Green Jacket in 86' at the age of 46. Wow, I was a 16 year old, where have the years, heck decades gone? And player w/ his long life of fitness, and it has served him well! Is Jack still the best ever? Is Tiger even though his major(s) total is 14 compared to the Golden Bear coming in w/ 18? The debate goes on…

Marie Taylor says:

I just love Gary Player's perspective on the game.

PhotoGeorge says:

Cool interview always great to see the greats of the game talking about old times.

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