A Conversation with Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player

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Sam Matheson says:

I love how they made Gary taller than jack ???

Adam Barnett says:

I miss Arnie. I'll forever love the Masters, but It'll never be quite as special as it was with Arnie there. There aren't enough words to describe what a great man he was.

Logan Callahan says:

They say the older you get the more your memory goes but I tell you what all the rounds and events these guys have played in there just whipping out those stats! Impressive and what a wonderful watch!

Jose Paulo King says:

'86 > '97

Adam Flynn says:

2 of the all time great golfers…pity arnie wasn't there this time.

Stephen Jackson says:

That's the most humble I've ever seen Gary Player. He usually bragging like tool

eco8gator says:

Wearing the Green Jackets and wearing solid gold Rolex Presidents…LIKE A BOSS! True living legends.

Alireza Sabbagh says:

BTW is that Seve at 5:45 ????

swingdocta says:

Bubba looked salty

Daniel / T&P says:

I could listen to these guys talk for hours. True champions

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