A Game Golf Instruction HowTo Grip the Club like Tiger Woods

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This golf instruction video describes and shows you how to grip the golf club just like Tiger Woods, as well as the other variations that are possible. There are 9 different variables to consider in achieving the correct golf grip specifically made for you. Each golf grip style is fully illustrated along with the advantages and disadvantages of each grip style so that you can decide which golf grip is best for you based on your hand size, skill level, strength, and desired ball flight characteristics. A correct golf grip is a critical part of a sound golf swing and knowing which golf grip to use can help you score better and have more fun on the golf course.



Lawrence J says:

Why would I want to grip it like Tiger, have you seen his game lately?

Llewellyn Schoeman says:

Best video I’ve ever seen about the golf grip and the options available.
Detailed but not complicated. 

intensity123 says:

This sounds stupid, but this video changed my golf game. I’m a beginner and
I’ve had a problem with hitting a push/block shot constantly. I
strengthened up my grip according to this video and instantly started
bombing them arrow straight from driver to wedge. Best grip video I’ve seen

james eadie says:

does help when jerking off

Bransoud4 says:

Great video

james eadie says:

As they say in Scotland Pure Pish … However if you slice .. the 10
finger grip is best . . . but check your ball position and hands forward 

djc2609 says:

best grip video that i’ve seen with no ambiguous explanations. I’ve been
frustrated with a few minor uncertainties about my grip and this has sorted
them out.

Eric Rakeems says:

Great share on this thanks

kelco9 says:

Wow! I have played golf for 44 years, read countless books, and this by far
the best and clearest explanation of a golf grip that I have ever seen. It
taught me a few things I never knew, and I’m going to share it with
everyone golfer I know. Thanks!

Dustin Silva says:

Awesome explanation of which grip to use for which scenarios. #Golf 

dfg769 says:

best grip explanation i’ve seen, bar none.

TheBull06 says:

i have a question, My swing is ok, but I dont see why Im only hitting it
250-260 at the max…please help me and take a quick look at my swing.

rosemary siena says:

@Cheedillow but it will give you the oppoertunity to swing better which in
turn gives you the opportunity to play better 🙂

Christopher Hines says:

Having a grip that is comfortable is important in the golf swing. This
video gives many different grip preferences and the proper way to use each
one. A golfer should find a grip that is comfortable and works for them.

moser8 says:

i dont do that pinky crossing the index thing.. is that bad?

kamui12 says:

excellent video. I’m just starting out and this helped me understand all
the different types of grips easily.

omgyouresexy says:

Thanks for this video. I’m trying to correct my swing out at the range, and
the part where you talk about having a strong grip is exactly what I found
myself having to do to correct my horrendous drive slice. Great information!

ArmpitofDoom says:

Excellent video. The markings on the hand are great. This answered a ton of
questions I had about grip. Now to try out a few things. Thanks a lot!

pieteroz says:

great video, finally my slice is gone

David Richards says:

I don’t normally comment on videos but this is worth it. This video has
cured my slice from the tips and got me hitting straighter and further. I
couldn’t even hit my driver before without slicing, now im nailing it!

ThePureawesome says:

Neutral Interlocking Distance Grip, sounds like a technique for masturbation

ab003 says:

that normally would take about a half hour lesson and 40 bucks anybody who
is a good golfer knows how crucial a good grip is

danfarrowgolf says:

Nice work. In your opinion…the grip you select depends on how you swing
the club? The control grip seems to have less control than the other two.
My question…how can you hold onto the club during the swing if the heel
pad is not on top of the shaft? My question isn’t about weak or strong or
neutral but just not having the club slip in your hands. Thanks.

Mateo Obregon says:

I have been getting some pain on my pinky and ring finger in my left hand
what can I do to solve?

madtoy100 says:

very useful

AGameGolf says:

did you not watch the video?? the position of the grip depends on what
you’re abilities are and what you’re trying to accomplish. There are pros
and cons to each position so you have to decide what works best for you.

AGameGolf says:

The biggest grip influence on your release will be the angle at which the
golf shaft runs through your left hand. The more it’s in the fingers, the
better the release, however, you also give up some control. Also, making
sure your palms face each other will ensure your hands ability to release
is maximized.

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