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Wes says:

4 times a year

Ulrich Neissl says:

Try to see my teacher like every 10 days for half an hour. Found out it really helps me to get rid of unfunctional shots (caused by many 'little' aspects like posture, grip, where the tension should rather sit in the body,..) in a long term perspective.
He doesn't use any technology for his teaching but his lessons still help me to get better…what a surprise… 😉

eamo30 says:

Mark would custom clubs like a more up rite golf
Clubs or toe up clubs sole this golfers lesson straight away ?

M J Davies says:

Love it ?

John Folland says:

My Problem With Lessons Is … Had A Few With Different Pro`s Who All Said Contradicting Advice, Then The Same Pro On Three Lessons Said Different Things About The Same Problem On Different Lessons. I Came Away Thinking. This Bloke Hasn`t Got A Clue. So I Felt What A Waste Of Money. It`s All Down To The Quality Of Teaching And I Am Afraid Sometimes That Quality Is Not There.

Jeremy Watson says:

as often as you need them

Jed West says:

One lesson per week would surely work but having a coach every time out on the course would be even better. All comes down to money

Mango Man says:

There is so much free instruction out there now, I can film my swing, take one look and recognise any major flaws, because I've seen endless videos diagnosing each one. In the last six months I was able to easily identify early extension and handle raising in my swing, simply by watching the footage, observing my toe-dug divots and toe strikes. The major advantage with lessons is having a launch monitor to confirm or debunk any suspicions you may have about what's going at the business end of the swing.

TheJt52 says:

Really like the lesson vlogs would like to see more of them

Alex Frey says:

Whenever you feel like your ideas aren't working

Johnathon Kimmel says:

It depends on how much you play. If you play once a month lessons should be roughly the same. If you play weekly lessons should be weekly as well. When we played sports as a kid you didn't just show up to the games you had practice with a coach. Js

kevinwild34 says:

Good vlog with the lessons.

Bradley Phelps says:

If you listen to the pro, I think once a year. The change needs to be practiced at least 500 times before playing. Also, the short game can never be practiced too much. If you want to be a tournament golfer, you need to practice more than you play, especially after the winter lay off.

Steve Olander says:

Questions answered if you still give lessons.
Never had a lesson and play to a 10. However, I wish I would have. Who knows what kind of golf I would be playing if I did. I really think a coach needs to use and have a great comprehension of a launch monitor. Just takes a lot of guess work out and would give a better lesson.

Ben Pegram says:

Don't know about how often, but I think the important thing is get more than one with the same instructor. Had one with Coach Parfield which was great, but then he went back to the UK (rude) and I can't follow up in person ?. Sent a couple video swings as a check in which is great, but that question and answer in real time is crucial to learning.

I've since had two lessons with a local pro and have improved striking the ball greatly, along with other things, simply by just being able to go back to the same guy and check progress.

Guess the point is, find a pro and go a few times.

Now get back to AZ Crossfield so I can get a follow up with the guru! ??

Beau Lewis says:

I take a lesson when ever I feel a negative shift in my play, sometimes I go a year of solid (slightly improving) golf with maybe a lesson or two. Other times I'll take lessons every week for 2 months because I am unhappy with my game, golf lessons are a reaction to my play and bad trends.

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