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Graham Rolton says:

Flip me, is that a PXG putter? Good advice though.

Caemen Studios says:

I have been golfing for approximately twenty years, unable to break Ninety. 3-4 years ago, I could not get an excellent round but that was just before I read the golf swing strategies “Jοmtοzο kaha” (Google it). My irons are not that good. I could manage driver correctly but could simply reach a limited distance.. .

John Howard says:

She can 3 putt at my course anytime! Am I right, guys? Woooooooooo!

ariane csonka says:

Thank you, the tip about relaxing the arms and rocking the shoulders was the first thing that helped my awful putting! It’s like magic, ball went in every time!

Timothy DS says:

Question: if your ball has an alignment mark e.g. a line, is it legal to mark its position and when laying it back place it so that the alignment line is aiding you in aiming for the hole?

Gynus Keen says:

Not only speed is also important to be matched with the line. Even in the case of perfectly flat putts (in which, the absence of a break makes the line much more important than the speed), the procedure of aligning a marked ball with the centre of the hole is not a piece a cake for many players…
In fact, when the putt is 6 ft or more, not all players are able to align that short marked line on the ball with the hole perfectly. The ones who can do that are lucky players! As proved by using a beam laser level, most golfers misalign the line marked on the ball too right or too left, without being aware of the mistake.
So in order for this method to be applicable, each golfer should know his/her own misalignment percentage at every distance and keep that into account for aligning the putter to the line on the ball using the proper angle of correction.

e james says:

a line by itself is meaningless. One must match speed with the line ……..

Ed says:

Great tip! Tried on course today and at first it felt weird since the body said 'this is not right' but went on and later in the round I managed to hole 3 birdie putts in a row from a distance of 8-12 feet. Quick improvement for my otherwise mediocre putting!

The Weekend Hack says:

I need this. Had 3 3 putts yesterday. Was horrible

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