A Junior Golf Lesson

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Starcatcher I Ship Wingtalon says:

This is great! Thx.

Eminem Lasean says:

Get off YouTube u idiot u can't play golf
is that u in the video?
Your a try hard at YouTube

perryn66 says:

Hi Andrew – Great content, as is always the case. I have a question around the leftward movement of the hands and the ability to draw the golf ball. At 2:19 you mention she can it a draw or a fade with the hands travelling inwards. Would you please explain the difference between the leftward movement of the hands and having the "swing to right field" feel with the necessary in to out path required to produce a draw. Does this have to do with the position of the ball? Thanks, Andrew, I very much appreciate all of the great information that you share!

Stephane Gauthier says:

Great lesson summary. I've been hitting a lot of heel shots (and some with the S word!) so I'll see if that applies to me.

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