A Lesson In Footwork with Sean Foley-Fitness Friday-Golf Digest

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Maintaining balance is often discussed as a key to making a good golf swing, but what you rarely hear about is proprioception. What is it? Tiger Woods' swing coach Sean Foley explains.

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A Lesson In Footwork with Sean Foley-Fitness Friday-Golf Digest

Starring: Sean Foley

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Coby B says:

Thanks to these golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it), I had been able to discover “hows” and “whys” of a good golf swing and its numerous aspects. I`ve read the book 2 times and realized 15 yards more on all irons, 25 more on my driver. My excitement of golf has doubled and my confidence has soared.

楊遠準 says:

no need to say too much!! you can just demo some full swings, then we can tell what level you have

cgasucks says:

Fuck you Foley..

pd9971 says:

Not a big fan of the dipsy do!!

canefan17 says:

I love how some of you are too good to be enlightened or even educated on certain things.  If you don't understand what he's saying and even some terminology… it takes less than 1 second to google things and expand your knowledge.

If you wanna be treated like a baby… go to the local municipal course and I'm sure some "pro" would love to take your money.

Jeffrey Ena says:

Butch Harmon, said the key to being a good teacher is being able to communicate your message as if you were speaking to a 3 year old. It's the fastest way for a player to improve and to grasp your idea.  Common sense and simple. That's one of the reasons you would see Tiger progressively improve throughout the course of a tournament. Butch could help him make an adjustment very quickly and Tiger could adjust on the fly. Nowadays, Tiger's scoring average gets progressively worse each day of the tournament.   This guy tries to over-complicates things to absurdity so he comes off as some guiding light or something. Way to overcomplicated terminology for such a basic move. IMO

swisheryan says:

This guy always discusses the philosophy/concept in his tips but never says how to execute it.  Reminds of the coach who couldn't help me improve, so I had to go dig it out of the dirt all by my lonesome.  It eventually paid off.  Now I can match up a lot of feelings to a lot of philosophies and concepts.  Not many people learned the way I did.

BP says:

He isn't describing balance, he's describing how to use the ground as leverage for power and stability.

ZeroSumJ1 says:

This guy's a rock star.

bloatedman says:

barefoot is good but roller skates are far better

Steven Bromage says:

i like to practise naked, that way you know which parts are moving correctly in the swing.

stu crompton says:

Tibia is a bone foley

jlevel45 says:

What a clown. He is describing such a basic concept in golf (balance) using advanced terminology. WTF is the point of doing so? Only to sound like he is some sort of wizard. I guess if these pros are buying his bullshit….we should all strive to be con artists by using big terminology as well. I studied Kinesiology at one of the countries best univ. for physical education.

Michael Jacobs says:

There are tibia muscles

David Schultz says:

you tell me an golf instructor that can potentially make a million dollars a week. he's only got a few years left until he's 50. maybe he will do it after he pokes around on the senior tour a bit, but really, even tiger said stricker fixed his putting. it's not just hearsay.

Greg Alonso says:

I heard Sam Snead's comment on bare feet and did so at practice one time… actulayy because I forgot my shoes! I had a little trouble getting it right, partly because I was so self conscious… I felt like a dork hitting in bare feet! :0

Steve Tilley says:

loosen up your collar sean nerd foley and use words we can understand. and no one should be walking around a golf course bare footed, bad idea.

Steve Tilley says:

everyone needs to stop saying "thank steve stricker". tell me how stricker fixed tiger's putting in 5 minutes which caused him to win the tournament??? if stricker is that good of an instructor he should quit his day job.

Kevin O'Reilly says:

Say what you will about Sean "trying to sound smart", describing a golf swing is hard if not impossible. What he says is specific. It's not only what to do but how to execute it. The language and concepts are worth looking up to truly understand what he's trying to convey.

Charles Smith says:

are those nike socks 🙂

Sharif Amin says:

i went to medical school. the professor said that the best way to think of proprioreception is to turn off the lights in front of the mirror and make a pose,…walk like an egyptian, spirit fingers, whatever you want…..in the dark you can somehow still sense the position of your joints in space relative to gravity but also relative to each other…..we can feel a 40 degree bend at the elbow versus a 90 degree bend, dont you agree? if you cant, then you should see a neurologist

David Schultz says:

not necessarily a knock on sean…but tiger can win with any swing. he won at bay hill hitting the least amount of fairways in the field. thank steve stricker for giving tiger that little putting lesson 😉

stripe64 says:

lol, he's not trying to sound smart. He is smart, unlike somebody on this thread.

Tyler McMahon says:

tibia is a bone…

Konrad Gekko says:

haha, yeah i can imagine that. but better than practice without your pants on…lol

Wally17 says:

I've done it and some kids walked by and saw me and started snickering like I was an idiot. If only they knew that the great Sam Snead learned to play golf barefoot. Hell, they probably don't even know who he is.

Aaron Morris says:

You do nto get where Sean is by tlaking smack. Dude has some knowledge of the seing and how the body sorks to perform it. May sound like Latin to most of us but, take the time to understand it makes perfect sense when trying to make a swing efficiant and easily repeateable. Good work Sean, Tiger is a Tournamenet away from #1 agin thanks to you. Sorry Rors, you were only a visitor to the throne.

Konrad Gekko says:

and why do you think tiger picked him? cheers

Konrad Gekko says:

only very few people i have seen practice without their shoes….will try more often.

G DA says:

Balance is soo important. How about a review of the CLUBnGO. Why carry all those golf clubs?

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