A Simple Trick To Help With Your Driver Alignment

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In this video golf tip, Australian PGA Golf Professional, Brian Fitzgerald “The Golf Doctor” shows you a simple trick to assist with aligning your driver. It is similar to how I get people to align the ball to help you putt but there is no reason why you should not be using this method.

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Barbara Leahy says:

Brilliant tip. Never thought of lining it up using the line on the ball

Beef Supreme says:

That's it? How fuckin stupid…been doing that crap for 25 yrs

Dennis Ryan says:

Cinderella player, Master's Tournament….. Oh, he got all of that one!

Eddie Blackford says:

That's cheating

some one says:

This is good, except just like in putting i like to look at the blank part of the ball. Still a good tip

MrStevie57 says:

Can you place a club on the ground for alignment ?

Gary Buckley says:

Don't think I be calling the doctor for his medicine

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