A slow motion look at Rory McIlroy's driver swing in 2012

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In the third round of the 2012 FedEx St. Jude Classic, we take a closer look at Rory McIlroy's swing off the tee on the 465 yard, par-4 10th hole. .
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Jonas H says:

he doesnt fire again. Its the abdominal muscles retracting when the clubhead overtakes him. Its common with hard hitters but Rory is an extreme case.

Hosoi Archives says:

Much better than what he does now

Vinson Shinabery says:

Ball was gone when u said hips fired second time

chubeviewer says:

I think it was more than a 2ft draw tho lol

PK says:

Enjoying this in 2022. I've always loved Rory's swing, but perhaps more importantly, he has proven to be a fine gentleman of the game and life, and a good ambassador for the game of golf. Good for you, Rory.

Hill Picon says:

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sawy78 says:

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Alfred Brown says:

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norris pg says:

it isn't the "second firing", but that which causes the "second firing" – the stall, or break, in hip rotation transferring force or momentum down the shaft into the clubhead

Corek BleedingHollow says:

Remarkable… firing the hips again way after the ball left the club face lol….

omega con4 says:

Finch is stupid for saying that the 2nd, extra firing of Rory's hips adds power. This 2nd hip motion happens AFTER the club has already hit the ball at 1:14. Think about it.

Devlins10 says:

Love his swing . Fairly shallow and rotary like.

nsxdarin says:

wait til his hips fire again whilst walking to the ball…causing the ball to roll an extra 20 yards!

Serge x says:

Best swing ever.
commentary is illogical.
Hips fire again? The ball is already in flight!

rosa flores says:

He is the best by the way I met him

stevekap8 says:

He gets the power by firing his hips after he hit the ball… when the ball is already 10 yards down the fairway…… ok…

stephen f says:

The drop of the head and change in spine angle seen in Woods, McIlroy, and so many others is not a virtue. It's a move that has caused them a lot of inconsistency over the years and forces various compensations, depending on the player and what else is going on in his swing. The fact that they have stretches of great play is a testament to the endless hours of practice and play, their work ethic, athleticism, etc., not to the advisability of the "down-move."

When you're observing any great player's swing, it's important to make distinctions between which things make it a good swings, which things it's a good swing in spite of, and which things are compensations for that second category. Which is why nearly all TV analysis is hopelessly wrong. They seize on whichever player is hot at the moment, or whoever is a great player, and make a virtue out of every quirk and every movement. Try getting an amateur to improve while making a 7-to-10-inch "down-move" with the head and upper body.

LMM D'max says:

They don't fire again. He stalls and releases hands and his arms bring his hips around.

CoVrt 21 says:

My hips fire twice usually after Taco Bell 🤦🏾‍♂️

spookie says:

The power comes from the weight shift from the right leg to the left and the hip turn. The second hip turn has nothing to do with power hahaha

Quinn Joel says:

Too many commenters jumping on the awkward wording of the hips firing again. The 2nd firing is a firing up with the hips through the ball. The first firing is down at the start of the backswing, the second is up through impact. Explosive hip action.

Milky Way Galaxy says:

I don't think his backswing is that long anymore. It's more of a 3/4 backswing. I don't think he takes it back all the way to parallel any more.

Willian Smithonson says:

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Stewart Halliwell says:

his second hip turn does nothing for his shot as the ball has gone!!!

Eric says:

Unseen by the human eye but the hips fired a 3rd time as the ball landed in the fairway causing extra roll and distance.

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