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“A Swing” Lesson with Leadbetter. In this weeks Impact Show PGA Professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman are with one of the worlds leading golf coaches David Leadbetter where they discuss his new book and also Take Andy through a lesson on his new alternative golf swing.

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Reinhard Allen says:

They are giving away a set of TaylorMade clubs at sites.google.com/site/9d399b9d64

Ace Golfman says:

The F swing imo, the wrist is in the opposite position so you have to roll release

Wisconsin Golf Boy says:

I understand doing this on a 15 handicapper, but on professionals not really.

The Scholaredamerican says:

This is so simple to understand. I don't see how anyone could not get what David is saying.

Dreama40 says:

Piers and Andy having seen this Leadbetter method up close do you think it would be a good choice for the not so fit and flexible player like me because i really do have a lot of trouble swinging in the conventional way due to lack of flexibilty etc. Would appreciate your thoughts if possible. Thanks in adavance, big fan!

Wisconsin Golf Boy says:

I tried the a swing and it works

Mike Lockwood says:

I like the video alot ,it's not about getting the best out of your natural swing because your natural swing might be dog shit so it can only get so good with the right techniques you will be able to adapt to a better golfer , most coaches will disagree with David because they believe in there methods and are not open minded to others , 20 of people that David has coached have gone on to win major championship titles and 100 individual worldwide tournament Victor's. think he knows what his techniques can bring out of people , phill hinges back exactly the same . I'm open ear to all information and will try anything for better consistency

theconman says:

Golf teachers/coaches have to keep complicating the game to sell more lessons/books etc… Understandable I suppose.
Martin Hall on the golf channel is hilarious with the stuff he comes up with.

camelCase says:

It's interesting but personally, I want to get taught on how to keep the club on plane throughout the entire swing.

Hoàn Vũ says:

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Alan Sykes says:

I dislike this because it is so different from my swing. I would have to be taught all over again how to swing the club.

Monsoon says:

he just made a complicated golf swing even more complicated…

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