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In today's video I was given the opportunity to travel to Chepstow in Wales to take part a great regular event run by UK Corporate Golf, who also run the annual UK Corporate Golf Championship in October.

Today I got to play at the beautiful golf course at St Pierre and what a treat it was.
The weather was great, the course immaculate, the golf, well a bit up and down but the best thing of all was that I got to play golf with some wonderful friends, both old and new.

Nigel Barratt from UK Corporate Golf
Richie Clayton from Generation Golf
and my good friend and fellow Golfmate Simon Parkes

Details about UK Corporate Golf and their regular events, and also information on the very special Annual Championship can be found via their website at

Details about Generation Golf can be found here http://www.generationgolfer.com/

St Pierre Golf Club and Marriott Hotel details can be found here

And as an added bonus we got to try out a new powered Buggy called The E-Caddy. More of that will be seen on a later video but its a fabulous and fun golfing accessory which I am sure will become extremely popular and be seen up and down the country and worldwide.

Details about the amazing E-Caddy can be found here


I am a newbie golfer, 53 Years old and lets say, hmm a BIG lad… But that doesn't stop me, I have a passion for the sport and although I have lots to learn I want to prove to people that Golf can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age, size, shape or experience.


BIG OGGIE GOLF is my new channel dedicated to ALL golfers.

We can't all be professional or scratch standard and many of us will never get close, but we can still have FUN.

So there will be regular Vlogs, Product reviews and Golf Course reviews from around the UK as well as Worldwide.

We will meet many golfers and golf fans along the way and I hope you will get to see things a little differently from the usual Golf Youtube Channels out there.

There will also be lots of fun to be had and once the channel is established regular Competitions for Channel subscribers to take part in.
Golf sometimes gets a bad press and whilst occasionally that might be justified I hope to show it as not quite as stuffy and stereotyped as one would imagine.
There will also be my thoughts on what makes golf seem so stressful for people just starting out, and I will be looking at ways of making that all important first step a little easier.

MUSIC Dont Look by Silent Partner and No Good Right by Freedom Trail Studio via Youtube Free Music System

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Peter The golfer says:

Great Video John????

No name says:

Great golfing attitude, well played. Enjoyable to watch.

Mark Reed says:

Has Matt ever looked at your grip John?

Simon Parkes says:

John, was fantastic playing this match with you, brilliant partner, great guy, can't wait for us to be able to get out again soon mate 🙂 #rematch

Tony Jones says:

Nice video John, playing with different people to normal can help your game a lot, seeing how they approach different shots, tactics they use, choice of shot etc can all be of help in the future

Jeff Smith says:

Looks a cracking course well played John and Simon winning the fivers . what a good idea for raising money for charity with the Debra holes . Great vlog John .

Dave Allen says:

Looks like the strongbow kicked in! ?

scott meyer says:

Enjoyed it much!

Darren Sturman says:

cracking john really enjoyed seeing you all well done mate ???

Peter Jones says:

Good video John and well done on winning the money

Graham Wale says:

Nice video, always professionally done your vids, and very enjoyable to watch. That course looked fantastic, looked like you played some good golf Jonny boy, well done ?. I’ve just come out of hospital, had open surgery inguinal hernia repair, so no golf for me 10-12 weeks ☹️, hope you do more vids to keep me entertained during my recovery. Cheers John!

Graeme Maguire says:

OGGIE, watched the whole video and what a great course. You need to ask matt about your feet. Im just a hacker but loiks kike you not folling through. Anyway what do i know ⛳

Kev Jones says:

Great video pal nice to see you all relaxed and confident well done cheers kev

Graeme Maguire says:

OGGIE, 1st hole, second shot. Practice swing you lifted up your right foot, finishing on your toe. Looked good. But when you struck the ball you kept foot on ground? Just observation. ?

Yorkibar 1962 says:

Great Video..and well done for the win for yourself and Sparky Parkes.

Gary Wye says:

Good idea with the orange. Black n grey are my colours, gotta give my basic personality an overhaul and introduce some confident colour. Every little helps

Gary Smith says:

Good stuff I played there over 40 years ago and only remember the 18th probably cos the Dunlop masters was televised there


Nice video hope you enjoyed

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