Aaron Baddeley Golf Swing @ 2009 US PGA

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David Schultz says:

agreed 100% with your choices. super steady heads.

golfmaniac007 says:

besides the beauty of fred couples swing which is hard to duplicate…… aaron, robert rock, and louis has the best swings to copy off of. i love the simplicity of aarons golf swing and tempo.

Frankie Gregory says:

FYI, the only reason Aaron Baddeley's swing in this video looks horrible to you and thinks he's hitting weak fades, he's not. The camera was not on the right DTL view of his swing, causing it to look like he's going OTT… but he hits high draws now and he can work it much easier!

Robert Kownacky says:

@rockinar aaron no longer uses the s&t meathod

ifettin says:

That is 200% Aaron Baddeley. Brush up on your tour players!

Kicko says:


Pretty sure that is Aaron dude.

Andrew M says:

@rockinar Iseek it totally right, and btw Baddeley stopped using S&T awhile back, never brought him those illusive V's

srussic says:

@rockinar you're an idiot

David Speirs MP says:

no he dosnt do stack and tilt hes back with his old coach Dale lynch.
badds used to be a gun he won the aussie open as an amature at age 18 and again as a pro the next year. he used to be a awsm ball striker but now all he can do is putt the lights out

Chy Song says:

@rockinar lol why would a nationwide tour player be playing with PGA tour players. It IS Aaron dude.

Shaun McEwen says:

Doesnt look like he does stack n tilt anymore, does anyone no?

rdavid1065 says:

@rockinar That is Badds. He was not then and is not now S&T. He went back to his old swing and instructor. He also is sponsored by Adams- check the hat and bag- and Penguin- check the shirt and pants. And that is unquestionably his swing, tempo and follow through.

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