Acu-Strike Golf Impact Mat – Training Aid Review

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Acu-Strike Golf Impact Training Mat Review

The Acu-Strike is a simple piece of mat that promises to show you your attack angle and club path. Does it work? Watch the review to see what Dan thinks of this innovative training aid.

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F1-ALAN-F1 says:

im new to golf and recently made good progress breaking 100 regularly and getting close now to breaking 90 last couple of times out. i bought the matt and since then iv been thinning almost all of my shots and i think its down to the mat giving readings like you said. on the plus iv been getting on top of a slice a bit more so it should help me on that side of things

Daniel Winberg says:

seems that other that have made a review on this, acctually hits the ball first then divot. And it shows. perfectly. not as yours hitting it fat.

Daniel Reno says:

Wind force/Static force moves the fibers ?? My guess

Joseph Wise says:

Its hard to know what’s happening on the mat when you are not filming the actual ball strike. For all we know you are hitting the ball off the place location or you haven’t secured it to the ground so maybe the mat is “bouncing up” during the strike and folding slightly making it appear you hitting behind. I have seen other videos where the demo clearly films the strike and the mat is secured down to the ground and the results are as advertised .

Ian Hunter says:

Dreadful product, fell to pieces and customer service/some loser called Ricky are a bunch of lying thieving idiots.

tried for months to get someone to talk to about awful product that fell to pieces, but they refused to answer. Eventually sent item back to address and they claimed not to have received it. sent proof of delivery from My Hermes and Ricky just refused to answer from that point. The man is nothing more than a thief. Absolutely disgusting- avoid anything to do with AcuStrike

Hanging Around says:

I use a $10.00 shower mat, does the exact same thing and is more durable..

diliviof says:

Proper golf swings have to do with understanding how and why they are performed and those things are found in golf swing strategies , Jοmtοnο Naha (Go ogle it). I have read the book 2 times and realized 15 yards more on all irons, 25 more on my driver. Due to these improvements, I am much more confident and I`m having more excitement with golf.

James Rahm says:

I bought the indoor mat. It's quite thick so you need to chock down on the club a few inches. I initially was concerned about the same thing, hitting behind the ball. Went to look at the instructions but none included so did a google search and saw this video. Spot on Dan, comparing it with track man was brilliant. You saved me from trying a lot of swing manipulations. Now I realize it's a product defeat issue and use it for swing path feedback only, which is very valuable. Thanks so much.

Train Mad Lad says:

Bought the outdoor mat …lasted about 100 shots before splitting …. acu-strike uk ignoring my emails ….. idea is great and it works great …untill it breaks! I play off 8.3 so it was not like I was abuseing it! Don't buy …

richard darrah says:

While i appreciate the review, i think a camera pointed at the mat and replayed in slow motion would clear up the faulty questions… i also suspect that downward attack angle isn't the same thing as the bottom of your swing arc. You can have the same angle but a different strike point… for that faulty language i give a hearty thumbs down. But do appreciate your attempt.

Rico Rosado says:

If it wasn’t for your video I would’ve kept on swinging or trying to make contact at that perfect circle and would’ve been catching every shot thin. thank you for this honest review
It ok to hit behind that line

Neil Birch says:

I had to chase a refund with PayPal for this purchase. I feel ashamed and dirty for falling for the hype! I used the mat for 8 shots and the mat split underneath in the area which indicates a "perfect" strike. I contacted the "company" and got zero correspondence, chased the refund through PayPal which I received.
Please avoid obviously a con don't be a mug like me!!

Miguel Martín says:

Hello! Does the mat move much when you hit it? Can that be a risk in a driving range? Thanks

Daniel Pedersen says:

YouTube Camera man should film the impact mat on swings and not you

Fergal Twomey says:

It wears out very quickly rendering it useless after a couple of days use. €50????

theniceneighbor says:

You are very consistent it's not your it's the mat. Still a nifty device for assessing swing path. Just not fat and thin or club face. Even in the commercial they don't demo the feature on a full swing.

theniceneighbor says:

All the reviewers of this think they hit it fat. I think there is a slight margin of error on the mat because the fabric stands up if you graze it ever so slightly even if it's not the low point.

tcpUtube1 says:

Shouldn’t you be trying to move the low point forward (towards the target) rather than increasing the attack angle? I don’t understand how increasing the attack angle results in ball first contact. Or did I misunderstand your commentary? Please clarify.

Jonathan Paek says:

I just purchased this product and had the exact same issue. Took a high speed slow motion camera showing my strike in front of the ball, but the turf popped up around 3-4 inches behind where I made contact. I also had a very odd email exchange with the owner as I was having other issues with the mat which I detailed on a post at GolfWRX, but overall seems to be a disagreeable fellow. I loved the idea, and tried to make it work, but I regret this purchase.

Gayle Grant says:

HI…Is there a way of using this/anchoring this indoors?

Fish Gaming says:

Thank you for this video!! You saved me from buying this product. I actually found the same outcome when I was at the range trying to focus on increasing attack angle and found that I was hitting out of the neck over and over. So I definitely would see this tool promoting that as well. I noticed even in a new video from top speed golf, Clay Ballard, an exceptional golfer, was leaving marks behind the ball mark with several degrees of angle of attack downwards. But I would say I would love some slow motion recording of the mat and impact of the ball to see how much the info the mat produces compares to what the computer info shows

Marcus Sheldon says:

Come on Dan you just showing that you can't hit ball then turf just like all used amateurs. Maybe its something you need too work on. Sorry but I feel your just using excuses. The mat is one hundred percent feed back as close to playing on tight lies on real grass.

Adam France says:

Hi Dan, great video, I'd love to see you film a tour pro hitting a few shots off that mat. Be interesting to see what it showed with their strike capabilities. When I go to the range I use a big piece of chalk which I mark a big patch of the mat with. This then shows your swing path an strike location in the same way (much cheaper too)

David Edwards says:

I found a similar thing using the fat plate which is a good training aid. The setting for pitches was so steep I hit hosel rockets all the time. If you chase numbers you aren't always going to hit the ball properly.

Mark Wannemueller says:

Suggestion: When filming a training aid review, show the training aid more than the person hitting the shots. Pan the camera down and show the mat at the moment of impact. And when Dan goes to the computer screen, show the screen – not Dan looking at the screen. All that being said, thanks for reviewing the product. Looks like a good thing for indoor/winter practice.

Aaron Rothwell says:

Not so long ago I made a comment on another channel who had reviewed this product. I ended up having a disagreement with the guy who had made this product. I commented that this product could not show ball strike on the face, which IMO is key, he said it could because the pattern left on the mat would show. If you were leading with the heel , then the pattern would show that. When you hit the very bad one because you were trying to hit so down, you hit out of the heel, however the pattern was even and neutral, flawing the argument that this product can show strike on the face! I agree it can show path pretty good, but there are fundamental floors with this product that I think could promote a lot of swing faults. It's expensive for what it is, no substitute for good lessons on trackman!

Mike Hardwicke says:

A piece of well-cut grass on the practice area provides the same info? Gimme 20k's worth of digital tech every time!

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