Adam Scott Golf Swing (Side) @ 2009 US PGA

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Martin Westerlund says:

haha shaft looks funny at inpact 🙂

Benjamin Steele says:

great swing, great course, too bad the PGA was played here before they built a new clubhouse and redid the greens and fairways! I cant wait until the 2016 ryder cup comes here

Andrew Neal says:

he's changed his swing a lot since leaving butch harmon

Tom Irons says:

@RMGoB yeah man its his sponsors shirt "Aquascutum" go to their website should be able to order one from there in a couple of different colours

HitMeQuick says:

One of the camper swings on the tour.

Zach Wright says:

Love that swing….

Lefthanderz says:


Chris Bisson says:

0:32 omg no wonder its getting out there 290 :O

petercaveney17 says:

that required caps :/

Devlins10 says:

flawless. swing is art.

Troy O'Brien says:

im trying to choose between two brands taylormade and ping witch one will i pick

Jason Lee says:

is it me or i get confused with him wit rory mcilroy

iseekgolf says:

@pri27nerf Thx glad you enjoy them. We try to keep the videos at the highest quality we can.

Johno Li says:

@hellohojae draws mostly, but they (tour pros) can work the ball both ways on commands.

Robert Kownacky says:

@4golfonline negative

Jj Greco says:

that poor superintendent

Mark Crossfield says:

He shows a good stance and has an amazing technique.

Hojae Lee says:

Does Adam Scott play a fade or draw?

Vinylbenny says:

Amazing golf swing!!!

QuotaPBaby says:

@helenathena yes that is taking 15 yards of his t ball r u a girl???

julian bosi says:

to bad that the shafts are whippy like that lol

Phil Ebbesen says:

@basfrk11 ummmm no they do do that, its not the camera.

FairwayJack says:

Surprisingly, Iike Adam's swing better than Tiger's. Adam stays level (head and hips) and his shaft is kicking in at the right time…imho

bunkerputt says:

He obviously needs to work on his flexibility xp

julian bosi says:

soooooooooooooooo smoooooth

Phil Ebbesen says:

thats what a golf shaft looks like at impact. look up the long drivers and pause their clubs at impact its insane!

samimalmstrom says:

@Shoksters Absolutely, atleast his mom probably thinks he has a good swing, i blocked him, we all should.

Shyam Vijay says:

whats goin on with the shaft at impact??

Shoksters says:

Don't try and argue with mattyco.
He's the biggest joke on youtube.

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