Adams Golf – Aaron Baddeley Tests the SUPER Driver

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Three Jab says:

foresight sports gc2

tigerbalm says:

Companies don’t design clubs for pros or low HC players. They make money
selling to average hackers forgiving clubs with cheapest shafts. That’s why
I can never buy a club off the rack. Average golfer always tempted to buy
the latest and greatest in hopes of getting a few yards without
practicing…in other words, sell them anything to compensate for their
laziness and lack of abilities!

Beanione says:

321 carry. Holy crapola!

ernesto beas says:

What are they using to see the distance?

Shizz Sosa says:

I really wanted the Fast 12 LS last year but got an BRZ tour for my
birthday instead. I may have to go hit this new Adams driver at my local

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