Adams Golf Engineers Read Mean Comments

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The Adams R&D Dept had a little fun with some of the comments from members about the new XTD Irons with Cross-Cavity Design.
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Darrell Williams says:

Been playing the V3 forged for 3 years , shoot low 80’s to high 70’s ,
going to get the XTD CC irons and Mini Pro hybrids to replace them , I love
the looks !!!!!
I hit all the new Adams stuff at The Golf Warehouse Demo days last month .
I’m sold . 

1guiness11 says:

I admit those Irons are fugly. But Adams does make some great clubs. I have
the 2014 XTD Forged… I love them. Having been a devout Hogan Apex Blade
player or Mizuno T Zoids. All in the contact. If you don’t play blades you
can never realize the buttery feel of a well struck Apex or T zoid. These
2014 XTDs aare good looking and made me swith for the 1st time. I hit them
straight and long with a lot of spin from the 6 I – Wedges. Great job Adams
Golf ! I love them. The whiners probably NEED a forgiving club so they can
complete their 106 -120 with many mulligans.

Barry Cordell says:

90% of the members on GolfWRX can’t shoot under 100, so why would they even
write a review? 

monty70 says:

I absolutely love my new 21 degree IDEA Dhy driving iron. The ball carries
in the air 230 plus and scoots when it lands. On a fast fairway, I can get
250+ yards on a solid shot. The club is really easy to hit and there is no
comparison on how easy it is to hit. Sometimes I don’t evan carry any

Strat TelePaul says:

I have to agree the XTD irons are ugly, but my Tight Lies 14 degree fairway
is the most beautiful club I have hit. The “A” stamped on the toe stands
for “automatic”. If you want beautiful irons, get Titleist AP2 like I did.

Mike Crossman says:

Literally not a single comment about the clubs not performing. If they work
well, I care not a single crap about how they look.

Darron King says:

I don’t have the new XTD’s but I do have the XTD Forged, Driver, Woods and
Hybrid. Nothing but awesome in my bag. Haters gonna hate because they got
nothing better to do! Adams clubs are solid!

dylan morris says:

Adams golf …. those irons are awesome… F&ck the Haters … just a bunch
of haters 

marty maness says:

I have a set of xtd irons. And I love them. More than half the golfers I
meet are butt holes anyways. All of them are on golfwrx are. I will
continue to shoot in the 80s and whoop ass in the name of adams golf.

beau stirling says:

don’t care about the comments,where do you get that hat?

jerlogcol says:

Great video. Great clubs. Period. 

Sgt Pepper says:

Some people on GolfWRX talk alot of shite

Dee Piper says:

Had a set of the first generation Adams Idea irons in my bag for 8 years.
Wish I still had them. The paint was pretty much worn off of the graphite
shafts. They were great sticks. 

Matthew Brandl says:

Guys , why don’t you come up with something better? As for me , I’d buy
some if I had the £££££ because I am not old enough to get a job 🙂 love
the brand , hate the price

Crusmaps says:

Btw Adams Golf make solid stuff for solid players! :)

Cedar Posts says:

Excellent way to promote the brand! My everyday clubs Ping, but I’d
consider Adams. Now for serious work like local charity or company golf
outing I pull out my Hogan blades. The shock and awe of the most beautiful
irons ever made, is priceless! 2x re chromed and a dozen new grips over the
years the feel can’t be matched, but there is no margin for error.

Barry Cordell says:

Just FYI, I’m planning on getting the super s hybrid 3 & 4, soon! I hit my
dads and it is insane!!!! Don’t change a thing with that one. 

Matthew Brandl says:

Guys , why don’t you come up with something better? As for me , I’d buy
some if I had the £££££ because I am not old enough to get a job 🙂 love
the brand , hate the price

Crusmaps says:

I would love to be sponsored by Adams Golf. My name is Adam and already
have irons and hybrids from Adams. Playing professional and looking forward
to that sponsor call 😉 

BSweetVideos says:

Love the video because it shows a funny side to Adams. Looks don’t mean
anything in a golf club but there is no doubt Adams isn’t the same company
ever since Taylormade-Adidas bought them out. It wouldn’t surprise me if
the Adams name just fizzles out in the next few years or gets sold. AND the
new logo definitely is fugly. The old one was way better.

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