Adams Golf Red hybrid review |

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Fuzzy Dunlop says:

Fabulous club – best I've ever hit but there is a huge design problem. The aluminium soleplate shears off at the screw ports fairly quickly for some reason. I'm on my second replacement and I'm less than confident that the one I'm using will prove any different. Spoke to Adams and they are aware of the problem. Rather than do a product recall, however, they have buried their head in the sand and discontinued the line along with several others. It's a shame – it really is everything they claim it is in performance terms but I expect a £170 club to lat more than three months.

John Hoffman says:

This club doesn't have the stainless sole the xtd ti hybrid does. Might be losing some distance because of this not to mention lack of adjustability. Sole weighting is way overrated and not needed.

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