Adams New Idea Iron Review with Justin Gerrard from Adams Golf

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This is the first time we have met up with Adams Golf at the PGA Show in Orlando so it was great for engineer Justin Gerrard to take us through the product line up for Adams' re-launch into the UK for the 2014 season. These are the New Idea irons for the 2014 season. There's a 3-2-3 look to this set. Three wood like hybrids start the set (3, 4, 5) which progress into a hollow iron (6, 7) which then progress in to a deep cavity backed iron (8, 9, PW). Adams are the only company that incorporate all three of these technologies into one set. If you're looking for something to help you enjoy your golf more then this is one iron set to look out for in 2014. Check out all our Adams irons on Golfbidder here –


David Stewart says:

“The one or two round a year people”? Did you just say that and did the
Adams guy just agree with it? Yikes…

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