Adams Super S Speedline Driver Review

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deckertone says:

I’m an 19 handicap and this driver has been a blessing! Review is spot on!

MFS357 says:

You didn’t say anything about the shaft, the make, it’s weight, or the
swing weight of the club!

scotty195823 says:

Thank you for the review. It was most informative. I note from the specs
given by Adams that this driver has a 46 inch shaft. Do you have any
thoughts on whether a shaft this length has any effect on forgiveness?.

James Mason planetgolfreview says:
James Mason planetgolfreview says:

I haven’t test he Ping G25 yet, but both the Adams and RBZ stage 2 are
great drivers, the Adams obviously has the edge when it comes to price.

Tim Dixon says:

How do you rate this driver vs RBZ, PING G25, etc?

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