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I deliver straight talking, easy to follow, honest, professional, calculated advice to all of my viewers from beginner to tour pro. This tried and tested method of coaching has helped many golfers achieve their personal goals and beyond.

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Dínero says:

that club is sharp! i need hybrids bad for 2017 u cannot beat this club and price

Ceejay 21868 says:

Just bought one and it arrived in the post today, can't wait to get onto the course.

New – Paid £28, – reason – No Headcover. !!


I can't tell you just how many 3 woods I have been through……looking for the one !! Seriously every brand and make I've hit over the last 10 yrs…..trying to replace my old 3 … cheap (Black Steel margining 15*) My buddies hated when I would pull it out because it was money every single time !! My bag was stolen at an airport and have never found anything that worked as well…….Titleist 915f was ok…….but for the most part……I gave that club up and went with a 2 iron that I bent to 16*…….However—-after watching Rick's video……I checked into the Adams as it looked very similar to my Blackie……and I ordered one in 15* with the same bassara but stiff……..took it to the range and was highly impressed……everything Rick said was right on the money…….but it needed to play the same………so , first time I used it on a course in a Tourney……2nd hole par 5……..killed my drive and had 217 to a small green on top of a hill……so about 230 and only way to get there in 2 was my 3 wood……….set up and ripped it……..nice small draw and very high……landing 8ft behind the hole and it stayed…….wow……been awhile since I have even gone for a par 5 in 2……..absolutely loving this club!!!! Even this weekend, on a long par 3……208 into a very strong wind….all carry over water……..bang……pin high just off the green…….Thanks for the review Rick …..this 61 yr old man is happy !!!!!

Eric Greenup says:

Rick, a year on now, do you still think this is a good club to have in the bag? I carry the Adams S Line #4 hybrid and can absolutely smash it, but I'm needing something off the tee for those tight treelined par 4s my driver hates. I can fetch a new Adams Ti 3 wood for $47.99 here in the States now, and it seems like too good of a deal to pass up. Cheers!

mojoG19 says:

Hi Rick. I am new to golf and I am thinking about getting a set of Adams Idea complete set. What clubs would you recommend to a new golfer ?

The Watts Factory says:

I bought a 2nd hand one last week have used it three times on the range, must be the easiest club to hit I have ever used

david killian says:

Love Adams clubs, thanks for testing and showing us your results.

Harm Florie says:

I was looking for a replacement of my Adams super hybrids with witch I was struggling. I saw the review from Rick and a great offer at direct golf, Adams Tight Lies 2 FW Titanium for 80 BGP !!!
Really great offer, stunning and very easy to hit straight fairway woods. A lot easier imo than the hybrids I was playing.
Today I was training in rainy conditions here in the NL, on a par 5 I hit 4 balls from 220 yard as a second shot with the tight lies 2 FW 5…. 3 out of 4 on the deck… WOW I'm over the moon with these. The 3 Wood is only 12 yards shorter than my driver, maybe I'll replace my Cobra driver for a Tight Lies 2 strong wood 13,5 Degrees ??

Gianmarco Balsamo says:

i'm an high handicap and i pick this club online with redeems point (for free as well). Not voluntary make choose the 3+ (13,5), quite hard to hit from the floor in the beginning, then we make a lovely friendship and every par 5 or long par 4 aren't scary enough. Over 190195 avg mt from the floor. A cannon! I love this club, one of my fav in my bag for sure.

Arian M says:

Rick can you please test an old model blade iron like the mizuno tp 11.

Derek Shorrock says:

May have to buy one still using the Adams Tight lies Air assault Strong 3 13 degrees from about 15 years ago love it but I'm sure technology has moved on

randy underwood says:

rick, please test the xtd series driver etc..

qudjy1 says:

Please show pics of clubhead at address with Ball… huge factor when seeing review of fairway wood…

Adam Boerger says:

Rick. I'm in the market for a fairway wood that has a shallow face like these tight lies models. Is the titanium just as shallow as the tight lies 2 (black and blue)? Are there any other fairway woods as shallow as these that make it easy to lunch the wood? Thanks

G Sea says:

Thanks Rick not many people seem to review Adams gear which appears to be a bit of a sleeper. Do some more pls….

P S says:

Have one for a month now. Its a super club. Its the first 3 wood i've carried in years. Well worth a look.

Alps P says:

Rick can you do a review on the adams tight lies 5 wood please…..I'm struggling to find a 5 wood because all the heads are too big and off fairways I think a shallower head is required for me….I've tried the ping g20 5 wood but just not consistent and people are are saying adams tight lies 5 wood may be the answer

brendos444 says:

Got the old tight lies 5 wood as i don't get on with hybrids. It's the perfect 5 wood to be honest. For me, I'd rather have something a little more driver-like for a 3 wood so that I can also hit off the tee if needed. But the tight lies are a perfect 5 wood choice – especially if you don't like hybrids


Im needing a 3 wood. Are you still using this in your bag?If not what are you using? Cheers

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