Add Up To 30 Yards Off the Tee With 1 Simple Move!

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Learn how adding 1 simple ‘power move' can add as much as 30 yards more distance to your drives! My ‘flap' drill will increase clubhead speed in your golf swing without any sacrifice in driving accuracy. Become a better driver of the golf ball today!

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Method Golf says:

Disagree. As far as my hands go personally, I hammer down to make solid contact, usually feeling like I pull down with my left hand straight down. With driver, I do the same, only the ball is forward in the stance. I feel like the action described in the video would have you lifting the ball, and I don't see the merit in it.

Glenn Wiebe says:

Steve, the flap makes perfect sense. I've had my clubface square to the arc for a long time. My issue is that, after I remade my swing to eliminate the big banana ball, I lost a lot of distance due to stiff or tense wrists. My practice swings are free and easy with lots of speed. I feel good over the ball but just have no speed. What's up with that?

Ju XXX says:

Best advice in 20 year Golf. Drives upto 50 yards longer and more controll. No slice anymore

floyd Gilreath says:

I been taught that is flipping

Les Kahalekai says:

Do you use a neutral grip for the flap release? Dan Shauger teaches it.

Robert Van Dusen says:

Whenever I try the flap I duck hook. Any advice?

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