All good golfers do this…

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This “Magic Move” increases club head speed, effortlessly squares your club face at impact, and produces higher, longer drives

99% of PGA Tour Pros are doing this…

Rory Mcilroy…

Adam Scott…

Tiger Woods…

All these great players have a “magic move” in their swing.

Can you see it?

Even the great Ben Hogan used this “magic move” every time he swung the club.

This move creates a powerful downswing transition that generates “free club head speed” which can add 15 yards or more to your drives.

(For some golfers, I’ve actually seen this add 40 extra yards. Crazy, I know.)

This move gives you an unfair advantage against your opponents, because it allows you to start hitting longer, more consistent golf shots immediately.

See what it is.

Use it wisely

Sadly, over 80% of amateur golfers don’t even know about this… Ultimately preventing them from ever producing the maximum amount of distance and accuracy they’re truly capable of.

See the “magic move”.

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