Alvaro Quiros Golf Swing (Side and Back) @ 2009 US PGA

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Funky Dogg says:

our swing is his slow motion

William Gerry says:

@paultatters this is spot on,it amazes me how well balanced he's the kind of swing that most people would say slow it down but why when the balance is perfect.he could probably swing it even faster.

esaitta3 says:

hooked it right off the hosel!

ahoekstra5000 says:

Last time I checked, he was gaming royal precision 8.0's in his irons. To produce that much flex in those shafts is insanity. Can't remember the driver shaft but it's a callaway head so he's certainly losing yardage with that one.

remmy100 says:

huh…almost looks like he has no hip turn during backswing. Maybe thats where he gets his power from.

splitsecondlogic says:

did he just hit his driver with no tee?

David Schultz says:

holy cow.


gilceezy says:

Yikes. He takes it away dead shut (good thing he didn't learn to do it "right") and then proceeds to turn that steel shaft into liquid…he's a friggin beast!

julian bosi says:

yeah man this guy kills the ball one of the most underated bombers out there

Bloop3r says:

to be fair, he actually was saying ballooning was the last thing he would use to describe it…meaning he also agrees he doesn't balloon it….

he was responding to another poster who your comment should be directed towards.

this is a nice swing, i drop my club inside too, it seems to be becoming a popular power move, guys like Sergio Garcia, Ryan Moore, and a few others have been using it on tour, and it works.

STD1307 says:

On a golfchannel, it was said that he hit it about 40-50 yards longer, when he was younger.

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