Amateur Golfers TRANSFORM THEIR GAMES – The GEM Training Aid

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WOW! I was TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY with this teaching aid and I think YOU will be too. The Gem training aid is a piece of teaching apparatus that gives the player the sensation of the correct action that sticks within the players senses offering immediate muscle memory. And best of all, it ACTUALLY WORKS!

This video shot at Archerfield links lets you see amateur golfers TRANSFORM their games after their first shot of the GEM (Golf's Essential Move).

I have used The Gem when coaching and the results have been mind blowing. I've never truly experienced player development and player understanding this quick in my 21 years of coaching golf. Wow, it's a GAME CHANGER!

To get your hands on The Gem go to and use
PROMO CODE: SteveJohnstongem for your discount.

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Steve Johnston PGA says:

⛳️Enjoy that? Watch Masters champion IAN WOOSNAM demonstrate to me why he uses the Gem

Ryan Dailey says:

Can this be used with a more clubface matching spine angle takeaway???

One up 55 says:

They need to make it where you can hit balls

Tom Settles says:

So a video by a bunch of guys PAID by Gem that tell us it works great? Steve do you also recommend FTX and Binance to invest in Bitcoin ?

Ben HikingOutdoors says:

Does this work for swings like S&T or your Eureka Swing?

Khoa Pham says:

Does this work mainly with neutral grip? thanks!

Tom Wild says:

Steve, you already have an excellent golf swing, therefore, I think any training aid you try would get good results. A great video would be a video of say a 19 handicapper and show us their results.

LJ Foster says:

I used the GEM for past few months during practice. Brought to course today used it prior to every drive (5 swings with longer rod connected to extra wedge), the hit driver after practice SSO gs. Hit 12/14 fairways and shot 71, best round in years ….this device is amazing

Simon Leach says:

When I first saw Steve demonstrate the GEM some 6 months ago, I thought this is just another gimmick and I have more golf training aids than most but have since seen BeBetterGolf guy Brendon test it and now I get it. I actually close the face in the backswing and rotate it open in the downswing meeting the ball with an open face. I'll keep you informed of my progress. Even with the discount, the GEM is a little expensive but the children don't need Xmas present this year – small price to pay for a Dad coming home a little happier from his golf round isn't it?

A.-W. says:

Caution: Apparently, German customs do not allow the package with the rod to Germany. DHL sent the package back to the shipper. Even after two contacts by email, there is no feedback from the manufacturer and shipper. Too bad actually, wanted to try the rod. Let's see how I get my money back.

Vorsicht: Anscheinend lässt der deutsche Zoll das Paket mit dem Rod nicht nach Deutschland. DHL hat das Paket wieder zum Versender zurück geschickt. Auch nach zweimaliger Kontaktaufnahme per Email kommt keine Rückmeldung vom Hersteller und Versender. Schade eigentlich, wollte den Rod gerne mal ausprobieren. Mal sehen, wie ich mein Geld wieder bekomme.

Margie Pargie says:

I received the G.E.M. and went to the driving range. At first I was disappointed. I thought this is not helping. Then a voice came to me and said, pay attention to the face of the club when you swing the G.E.M., especially on the downswing. That did it!! Being a beginner golfer I was closing the face as the club came down. You should not force it closed, it should happen naturally. The gem teaches you this. It is a wonderful sensation to really hit a proper golf swing and I am so happy. I have spent so much money on golf lessons this gem is a bargain compared to professional lessons. I can really feel the weight of the club coming down to hit the ball. Before my swing was very forced now it flows.

chubby chequer says:

Iv bought this and the club spins backwards on the down swing so iv binned it off, am i doing something wrong

hakirk1 says:

How would you practice with this training aid? After taking the 10 swings , how many balls would you hit before taking 10 more practice swings with the GEM? Also how long does the feeling acquired last and how long til muscle memory sets in?

Antony Osborn says:

So what if it is a £120. Buy it, use it get the feeling put in on EBAY for £100 best £20 quid lesson you will ever have. Some golfers are so narrow minded and will just forever keep playing of 25 slicing it into the trees!

Peter Crocitto says:

Need your recommendation, how close to bottom on the grip do you attach the GEM, it looks like you had yours attached to bottom of grip, these guys look like it is only up the grip is just above the bottom of the grip however, occurring to their directions that comes with product, they mentioned 5cm to 10cm, which is it?

Paul Melville says:

I’ve had one of the first Gems, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work for me. It twists in my hands even with a half swing.

Paul Koren says:

At my first Jr clinic almost 50 years ago I was taught "hip high, toe to the sky". I was never a great player but have a 5 or better for 40 years 🤷‍♂️

Paulie Walnuts says:

Just ordered mine. 14-21 days to deliver to US seems a very long time

myputtmaster says:

Hi Steve, can you use the GEM on a driver?

Pontus Köhler says:

Hi Steve, it would be fun to see you in a matchplay with either Matt Fryer, Andy Carter, Peter Finch or Rick Shields. Coming up??? 🙏🏻

Peter Crocitto says:

Whether they know it, having the Pro’s watching over them is a key part of getting the most out of this training aid. As a new user I won’t know what the right feeling I expecting to have. That is why having these guys helping you and walking you through what you are feeling is critical.

Not your average Joe says:

How do you stop ppl from rolling there arms open

Frozen Tundra says:

Wait, this promotes "flipping" at the ball?

Timmy Gasman says:

The Chinese will be doing a copy for £20

Alan D says:

Hi Steve, would this suits a golfer who always draws the golf ball?
Thanks for all your very useful video lessons. Kept up the great work.

Abe Froman says:

It’s really a great tool. 2.0 really needs rubber stop attachments so we can actually hit a ball with the device attached

Paulie Walnuts says:

Excellent Steve. Just purchased one with your discount code

Dante Diego says:

I ordered mine yesterday because I watched your other video. I was reading the comments and saw a bunch of people wanted to see how the device worked in the hands of a true beginner and a high handicapper. And you quietly went and did it. I can see you truly stand behind this product. Thank you for being genuine.

Oh and by the way, I went to the range and tried the Eureka golf swing setup and it actually works! I was hitting the ball consistently straight or a little draw. You're the truth brother!

Wandering Brummie says:

My bad shot is a pull hook, don’t think this is going to help much

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