Amazing Indoor Golf Drills!

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The Play Inside Series is all about how you can improve your golf game without ever leaving the house!! In this first video we look at some golf swing fundamentals and what you can do to improve golf grip, alignment and posture at home.

►Fundamentals –
►Back Swing –
►Through Swing –
►Short Game –
►Mental Game –

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Anthony Elliott says:

I can just imagine the amount of "other halves" shouting at their golfing mad husband's "why have you laid golf clubs all around the house! It was bad enough with your putter in the living room" lol

Rodney Greenwell says:

Whst is the magnetic rod called

Rodney Greenwell says:

Hey peter why do you and Ricketts no longer do videos together…
Have you two had a falling out….

Eric Maher says:

I Just remembered to subscribe. I like the magnet drill heaps. I will defo try it in me yard. No harm for you to sell those either you could call em “Finch Magnets” ?

3rodie Golf Company says:

This is a clutch video to get us ready for spring as we continue to get buried by snow in the Midwest

Bill Collie says:

I practice in the hallway with my wedges and some hard foam balls. The hallway is narrow so that keeps me on plane. I can also set up my phone behind me for video.
Of course I practice putting on the living room carpet. For putting I need around with my grip and ball position especially.
Thanks for the videos

Domenick Palmiotto says:

Right arm is bent at impact unlike you demonstrated. Very confusing to a beginner/high handicapper who is probably the target audience of this video

Jack Cumby says:

Smashing my mums window

Daniel Dean says:

Another quality video Pete. Keep em coming ?

Fred Sines says:

These are great! I'll have to try them next time the weather is bad. Thanks for sharing.

Victor Groot Hendriks says:

Pete. Is the thickness of the grip affectief the lag in your swing?

William Parke says:

Love it pete mate ❤️

Ferdinand Nicolas says:

Hey Pete! John Oliver did your accent!

BigMalky says:

Yep, get to the first green, reach for the 60deg wedge and pull out a toilet brush………………………….. I don't doubt the idea behind this video, but outside the toilet………… nah, not for me………………….

Mike McNulty says:

Great video Pete!

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