An Effortless Swing is EASY once you know the CORRECT Move

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This video is all about the effortless golf swing.

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Harry Goldmark, M.D. says:

I think that "rising up" through the ball will encourage loss of spine angle if no caution is provided to maintain spine tilt until after ball strike.

Stanley Collymore says:

Seeing as most of are right handed isn’t it easier to focus on getting right shoulder down towards the ball? Left shoulder then automatically goes up and back as the shoulders cannot be separated

Jim Averill says:

Great! The best 6 min instruction ever…..thank you

Enteraname says:

This is one your best videos.

Ah Onn Chu says:

You say the hands create the most speed but you demonstrate that body turn is more powerful. 🤔

TrojanMars1 says:

Have you considered drinking water before making these videos? You seem to always have dry mouth.

Sp!cyman says:

Thanks Russell. Is this different with woods?

Armin Kesedzic says:

But isn't this move pretty useless unless you get your hands down in transition? This alone would encourage over-the-top swing path… or am I mistaken?

Wil Davies says:

Good explanation.

Noel Oblena says:

Omg! A light bulb just turn on! I can’t wait to try this

mark brook says:

You make it look so easy !

Nick Divincenzo says:

Russell, thank you for this! Your ability to get yous ideas across by just getting it out first, that there are many ways to swing the golf club. And no matter how you do it you are going to learn for this video. It's awesome. It quiets all the social media "yeah but". And once you quiet that noise what left is the fruitfull lesson that every golfer can learn from. I believe you the best teacher on YouTube.
My big takeaway from this video is. Impliment the change in a short swing, so I can feel it. Then take that feeling to a full swing. I am often not successful so I go back to the short swing and refine the feeling in some way. Then back to the full swing. Then back to the short swing… some point I make the break through and that feeling sticks. What a great game!!

robert cuomo says:

Hhmm. I really haven’t been doing anything in my swing thought but trying to get my left shoulder under my chin on the backswing and then right shoulder under my chin on the downswing. My extension through the ball still isn’t that great. Perhaps where my left shoulder blade ends up and also rotating the chest more need to be focused on, it should help getting extension further through ball on the follow through. Thanks, off to the range ASAP. Lol

Stefan Coetzee says:

I think you have finally made me aware of the missing piece of the puzzle, in my own swing. Namely, the proper left shoulder movement to ensure a powerful yet effortless feeling strike. Thank you very much.

Lorenzo Ascali says:

Great video I can only dream I will swing that beautiful. But I’ll keep trying. Thanks

OnTheSnap1 says:

Is this why any left arm Break down through impact is such a massive clubhead speed killer? It basically prevents the shoulder from releasing the club hard because the kinetic chain is broken. Slight elbow bend through impact is something I struggle with. All videos and cures, personal coaches have failed for me.

MrBleedk says:

GOAT video… honestly… Thx A LOT for sharing Russel, great job!

John Schwartz says:

Excellent video Russell on creating more power in the swing. I've been working on this "left shoulder back" move and more wrist hinge. I'll be on the course in a couple of days and we'll see! Keep up the good work!!

Jo Sch says:

Perfectly explained.

HampshireGary says:

Great video 👍

3dbadboy1 says:

As far as the left shoulder lifts and moves around behind the head, you should watch videos of Tiger Woods' son. He does it more than anyone I've ever seen.

Ryan Panfil says:

Russell… I swear to god you and my coach are talking to each other. I found out yesterday that my golf swing needs more swing. Coach had me sitting in a chair hitting driver shots for a while yesterday trying to get my arms more active.

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