ANA Inspiration ruling reaction featuring Gary Player

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Michel Grimes says:

Just putt out!

Ed Hammond says:

I think we should have an American tour with American players only. A European tour with European players only. And Asian tour with Asian players only, and battle it out at The Solheim cup with all three represented. The South Koreans are getting rich off American companies money and fan base. The South Koreans are better no doubt. But to me it's like off shoring jobs . Let's keep the money in America for Americans.

Ed Hammond says:

Stupid ruling. Plain and simple. Professional golf has to adjust the rules to be fair. Lexi gained no advantage with this slight mistake. If she or her playing partner and all officials around did not pick up on the up come at the time, there should be no penalty. Common sense was thrown out the window. Golf is some really stupid rules.

Steve Gill says:

She obviously cheated. Thanks to the fan that caught this.

jonee140 says:

She moved it away from the hole aswell but giving her the penalty after the fact is fucking stupid

miles says:

It's a fucking crock of shit.  I agree with Gary Player on the matter.

T mo says:

it was not an inch, it was much less

Steve Winter says:

One thing I notice reading the comments. I don't think anyone here has a right to comment, seeng as how pretty much all the commenters have very poor grammar and spelling.

Tom Cat says:

Well, here's a new ad campaign for the networks: "Watch the tournament, Punters, but don't get involved." Did she lose by two shots?

JR says:

The officials should not be taking phone calls from fat slobs, sitting in a recliner, half a world away. TV cameras should not be zooming in on this stuff either. They do it on purpose, like when a player is moving debris away from around his ball. The player should stop what he is doing, go over to the cameraman and punch him in the face. End of THAT problem. It is the responsibility of the other players and markers to ferret out cheaters. Fat guys in recliners need to be flogged. Thank you.

revz1373 says:

She did it intentionally.. if you look close at the slow Mo she marked the ball because it was sitting in a depression and she moved it to the side of the depression, however small it was it was still intentional cheating… But I don't agree with a penalty imposed a day later and 4 strokes is nuts

David Powell says:

Player stresses fairness. I am in total agreement. And I love the dude saying "the ball was nowhere near" – since when is 1/2 inch no where near?

cndvd says:

She didn't lose till the playoff.

Ken McD says:

Player is right.

Danny Jones says:

Total B.S.! Lexi got railroaded!

TheJimmy says:

Thompson's ball was moved no closer to the hole but the line may have been improved. Of course she will deny she did it deliberately and the polite thing to do is to accept that. Clearly the rule was broken, 2 strokes. As for the signed card 2 stroke penalty the incident exposed the cruelty of the rule. Had she won and it was shown later she would have been ruined personally and professionally. The officials did her a favour for penalising her. Gary Player is a cheat. Colin Montgomery is cheat. ASK AROUND.

Nick Bruni says:

I think the best course of action in these after the fact situations is to fine the money and the points away afterwards. If you want to give the penalty strokes, then tell them before they start the next round so you don't abruptly change the context of it while it's being played.

Rizaldo Quiambao says:

I'm really sorry but it was wrong eventhough it was discovered late it's still the one who did not commit failure should win who knows maybe not only that and it's a lesson for all of us golfers rules are rules

Connor Faulds says:

whether she intended to or not, she broke the rules of golf. Get over it

John C says:

Gary Player needs to learn the Rules. The one he is talking about with Booby Locke is not the same, as the competition had closed (Rule 34-1b). Once closed, penalties can only be applied if the person knew they were acting incorrectly at he time. In the Thompson case, the competition was still going, so penalties can be applied to earlier rounds.

John C says:

She would have been disqualified before 1 January 2016 when the Rules changed to a 2 stroke penalty, so at least she got paid. There have been many instances of retrospective disqualification in past years, but never the uproar of someone who has been allowed to continue and win $250K in this case.

bigegg7170 says:

this is bs ,I hope the arsehole that called this in feels proud for being a petty little dick.

Eric Hess says:

I completely agree with the point of views exhibited in this video. I think the bigger point people are missing here is that this was phoned in after the card was already handed in, and the day's round was completed. Regardless of her intensions with this ball marking, some random person phoning in a day later and saying, "oh by the way, I noticed this while at home sitting on my couch yesterday," should not have the power to corrupt the proceedings of a tournament. I think this ruling is exactly how Gary Player put it: disgusting. It tints the game of golf for everybody.

John Mahony says:

its called fudging makes me sick

DASH1ful says:

yes, but the leaders will always be on tv and the that fact they are being scrutinized ensures that the winner is in fact the winner. not only did she replace the ball to the side, she actually moved it in front of the marker, and that itself should be double the penalty. did you ever hear about the letter that tom watson wrote the gary asking him if he had turned over a new leaf.

Tony Wirth says:

this person who called this in as no life and is an asshole in my opinion.

Scott E. says:

Under the circumstances the ruling had to be. But from this point on their should be a kind of statute of limitations. At the very least she should have been able to tee off for the final round knowing what she was dealing with. And that goes for So Yeon Ryu and everybody else.

Jesse Peh says:

What… I've done that a lot of times on the tournament and our group players don't mind tho

ejtullis says:

Honesty is the first lesson in golf. regardless when that honesty was discovered. She's a pro golfer … i have no sympathy for her.

Benjamin Kissick says:

Well said Gary.

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