Andy Plummer | Stack and Tilt Golf lesson

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In this video Stack and Tilt guru Andy Plummer gives a lesson to a Stack and Tilt instructor Billy Irvine. I was fortunate to witness the lesson at the Drift GC (02/06/16).


Elizabeth Kelley says:

I was hoping to improve my game, but after buying all the books and dvds my game is the worst ever. Not one thing in this course can help me! All it is is showing how great their system is and why. No way to actually show anyone else how to do it. Complete waste of time and money!!!

Juan Lozano says:

What does that mean, "angle off the external rotation"? Angle off what? The club, the club head, the swing path? Golf speak that I do not understand. It's just like a guy explaining Quantum mechanics to a lay person. They use math lingo that only they understand.

megwich says:

Such a nice golf course too, The Drift. Staff are super friendly and very welcoming. Sam Quirke teaches here, if you want a lesson get in touch

tmajik86 says:

"that high draw tho" at the end lol

Antony Do says:

In this clip Andy suggests no need to bow the side angle of the left wrist? Keep it a little bit cupped as it was at setup? About vertical angle b/w wrists and the shaft at setup, if the right wrist unhinged 100%, the left wrist unhinged about 50-70%? Anyone can tell?

Ben Beagley says:

Such a great golf lesson

the links lizard says:

that was a good tip at the end by Andy it was Billy's best swing solid contact.

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