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ARE GOLF BRANDS LYING TO US? TECHNOLOGY VS LOFTS!?2019 has seen the release of some pretty impressive new golf clubs. we have seen the longest most powerful irons ever in the Callaway epic forged irons, we have also seen the new titleist t100, t200, t300 irons and many many more. The idea behind the powerful irons is that we hit longer golf shots, which makes the game easier for mid handicappers, high handicappers and even beginner golfers. but I ask the question, with the lofts so strong on these clubs and the longer shafts are the golf brands lying to us? Titleist, Taylormade, Callaway, Ping, Mizuno, PXG… are we seeing new technology in golf for better more expensive clubs? or just stronger lofted clubs to make people think they're hitting it further? lets find out.. and lets do it now!


Bryce Robilliard says:

The old indexing of clubs 1-9, 3W, 5W, etc is phasing out. eg Titleist are designating hybrids and fairways with a loft, knowing that each player will select different lofts to suit their distance requirements and so on – there’s no longer a fixed idea of a “5 wood” or a “4 hybrid” and so on – what is a 4 hybrid anyway as a replacement for the irons shown in this video?

I do also like how Honma name the PW and GW in their iron sets as 10 and 11 irons, respectively. The set PW and GW are usually full shot clubs anyway. The PW, especially as a set wedge, is rarely used as a greenside tool because of its modern loft

I do believe the Internet is helping players with info to help them choose the correct clubs for their needs nowadays

Tommy Speed says:

they are just trying to catch up with Cobra

Satchmo Dog says:

I find the whole distance wars to be just a bunch of jackassery. I still play standard loft blades and occasionally will use older metal drivers. It's odd how I can hit a 20 year old Mizuno as far as my SLDR. Not every damn time mind you, but that's the beauty of golf, and all this silly tech kind of took the skill and beauty of the human element out of the game.

Kyle EricSon says:

Love playing golf with strangers for the first time and have had a variation of this conversation literally dozens of times;
Stranger: "What club did you hit from here?"
Me: "6 iron"
Stranger: "Really? I only need a 7 iron from here"
Me: "What's the loft of your 7 iron?"
Stranger: Blank stare …

iakona says:

Your review is not very accurate since you don't have a full set. Hitting the epic 8 iron from 130 is not smart. They make two gap wedges and a sand wedge to hit full shots in from 90-100. Would have been more realistic if mark had a PW from 130.

Robert Akerson says:

Mr. Robinson- That Epic 4 iron at 18 degrees is about the same loft as a 1 iron used to be (no mystery that it is hard to hit out of the rough). I find that today's iron lofts are confusing compared to older ones that I got used to, and am in agreement with the respondant who wished that all irons had their lofts inscribed on them. Maybe this is from too long ago to be relevant, but for me a nice shiny new set of irons would be best if (like in Hogan's day) the 9 iron measured a full 48 degrees and each higher one was 4 degrees stronger; then a golfer would only need a standard 52 PW and 56 SW and would have hittable long irons.But I don't think that the manufacturers will turn back time!

Peter Martinaitis says:

The manufacturers know exactly what they are doing , when people buy a set of irons because of the strong lofts they now have to buy 3 to 4 wedges at the bottom end and hybrids at the top end , add a driver and you are close to £2000 !!

Deep up Stranded Creek says:

It's not really 'NEW' tech, but at 1:10 there is a bit of a distracting racket/noise… tech can solve that… lol

Some people have a jab at me using head covers on my irons… 'scared ya going to scratch them…?"

My bag is as quiet as can be and the wedges don't hit/mark the longer shafts and I like it that way. So to the next 'random' lining up for a quip about head covers on irons… think outside the box, maybe they are not for looks, but sounds or lack of…

sorry, you wanted comments to help the channel, there is a comment

allo cromeau says:

Thats the big reason that i dont play game improvement iron……
I love my 7 iron to be at 34
Been playing golf for 8 years now and the only irons i had was
Titleist 695mb
Cobra S3 pro combo
Taylormade Mc……
And now: Taylormade p770 and Titleist Zb forged combo

Rufuss Thoo says:

Golf has always been a skill-based game. If the clubs get any easier to hit there won't be any skill required!

Joshua Zwilling says:

I would suspect the Epic irons have a longer shaft because they are graphite. If the Apex forged had graphite they'd be the same length.

Eventhough the lofts are strong (essentially the 8 irons in this video are a more traditional 6 or 7 iron) it is still beneficial because if you are hitting an 8 iron instead of a 6 or 7 iron you are getting the accuracy and easiness of hitting a club with a slightly shorter shaft.
Also eventhough the lofts are strong the technology in the shafts and heads are still getting the ball airborne with spin so they will still hold the green.

Rob Temple-smithson says:

Club head speed, impact point and dynamic loft. This determines distance. End of conversation.

Lbz 8581 says:

love the video

Steven Crighton says:

It looks to me like the Epic Forged is a better set for Mark than the Apex Forged.

Keith Moody says:

When does lowering the lofts get out of hand. The epic forged at 18° is the same loft as my 5 wood, and I beg to guess not too much shorter. If every year or two we lose a degree of loft how long until it is unreasonable. Once that point is reached will we see length of the clubs increase consistently. Another question is how long before you start removing drivers, 3 wood, 5 woods to add in longer "wedges".

Paul Henderson says:

Great vid mate can you get your hands on the lynx vt irons and put them up against them would be a good watch cheap vers over priced

Philip Bennett says:

Here’s a question for you James. I’ve just been fit for some new irons, replacing my Callaway steelhead XR with graphite shafts, 7 iron was 30 degrees.
They have been replaced with Orka Reflex irons with graphite shafts, 7 iron is 34 degrees.

The Orkas are going 15 yards longer. Now everyone I’ve seen that use Orka iron are saying they are going further with weaker lofts. Orka forged irons, 7 iron is weaker again at 36 degrees. I’d love your views as to why.

manncura says:

also watch how they optimize for the 7iron. since they know thats the club mostly hit in the store on the monitor would be my guess. i was testing the new mizuno hot metal pros and as you progress to the PW the lofts slowly conform to my 7 year old mp53s PW (45 vs 46 deg vs 7 iron which is 30 vs 34). now for me I like that since it alleviates gapping issues at the bottom end, but there are bigger yardage gaps between 6,7 and 8 irons.

Joseph Dubiel says:

You are something else James Robinson. Every time I turn around another interesting topic. Good work with that. Spider Dubiel

stuart hayes says:

Capping drivers now irons with loft , shaft length and weight distribution irons going to creep into wood territory

0416299 says:

As a 'same spec' test, compare an Epic Forged 8 iron against an Apex 7 iron. They both have exactly the same specs. This would test the 'technology' in the epic.

Adam Stubbs says:

All well and good saying "your are still hitting 2 shots on par 4's" but point out anybody that would rather hit a "traditional" 6 iron than a "modern" 8 iron. Shorter shafts are easier to hit, fact. Interesting vid btw, especially the knock down 8 iron shot, low loft needs more club speed to get it in the air.

Mike Melena says:

If the “tech” made a difference no manufacturer would add length and decrease loft to sell clubs. The “tech” would do it in a vacuum, robot testing etc. not sure where the “tech” performs accuracy wise, dispersion pattern etc. Humans performing in a variable environment doesn’t scream consistency ???. 18 degree four iron, kidding ourselves here, egos are hilarious.

Wayne More says:

I play Wilson d7 they are long distance irons and they do a gap wedge for the set try them out I think they are brilliant and will help mid handicappers like myself

Egis Petronis says:

To stupid video Callaway market if understand it s over 10 handicap distance always good how many people +5 and hit 6iron 180 yrds max 5,%

Peter Watt says:

Great video James. Your ball striking was really sounding great. I use Callaway and have this problem. Im happy to be hitting 'shorter' clubs in terms of Par 3's and approach shots to greens. However, i have too big a gap between my PW and 52 degree wedge…so maybe its the Callaway Marketing Dept (Other Brands are available) but i now need an Approach Wedge or maybe a 48 degree wedge in my bag…still not decided

bill dearden says:

Agree. It’s an optical illusion. 4 irons are almost a 2 iron loft now. So people who hit a 8 iron 150 are now hitting a pw that. But it’s the same loft so there actually not getting anything better from the manufacturer just stronger lifts. Need 6 wedges to fill the gaps now though. Lol

Richo says:

It doesn't matter. You have wedges that hit it a certain distance. You need to fit your irons in the middle of them and the longer clubs. Who cares what the lofts are. All you have to do is match the set make up with the distance you need to hit it and make sure they don't spin so low you can't hold greens. If you can't get enough spin from the higher lofted irons for the distance you're hitting them, look for another set.

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