Are Scotty Cameron putters OVERPRICED?

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Are Scotty Cameron putters OVERPRICED?
Rick Shiels tests the latest Scotty Cameron Select 2018 putter range
Costing $400 / £365 they are not cheap!


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Jay Chung says:

Appreciate the honest, thought provoking review Rick. I personally own a Scotty (paid $400) and have absolutely zero regrets about purchasing it. Not because I hole more putts with it, or because I think it's superior to all other putters…just simply because I really love the way it looks, feels, and I do enjoy having a premium product. To me it's an item I decided to splurge on and treat myself to a shiny pretty toy, not much more to it than that. However, one thing investing in a Scotty did do is make me feel obligated to practice my putting more. haha. So in a way, it did help me sink more putts!

Erick Bauer says:

I have a fifteen year old putter with ballata face still love it. Rolls very true feels great off face. Metal face putters seem to jump off face can’t control speed.

ben3847 says:

you don‘t need to test them, the answer is just „yes“

darkspd31 says:

$400 or $4000…you'r still going to suck at golf buddy

King Kobra says:

I held out close to 15yrs to get my Dream putter, the OG Scotty Cameron Futura. Back when it was first released, I'm pretty sure it was $200-250 range and rarely would I see a lefty model. I always had to use it right handed at golf shops, just to try it out. I always loved the feel, look and sound of it. I finally managed to get one on eBay for just under $90 without the hardcover. I did eventually get that too. They still hold their value for sure. Hard to find a futura under $100, in left handed. I didn't even bother with the divot tool.

Michigan Outdoors says:

your game starts at the tee but your game ends at the pin. It's a horse a peace

James Walker says:

I personally don’t understand the validation of owning an expensive putter. My putter cost nothing and I feel because I’m so comfortable using it that I can beat anyone using a Scotty. About 10 years ago I started focusing on putting and it’s become so easy that I don’t think a great putter is worth it. Unlike a driver you maybe swing your putter 10 MPH at most. So how much can technology actually benefit you?

majorsmythe1 says:

Scottys seemed to have copied PING designs. I like them, great feel, but still the putter kings were PING.

Ian Clegg says:

I am coming from a high handicappers perspective here (18-22). I had a try with a Scotty Cameron in a shop, and absolute loved it. It felt incredible. i felt, that to me, the feedback was insane, and that my adjustments to correct myself, where represented by the club. However, it has to be said, i have always favoured a heavier putter, as i feel it encourages a more gradual swing and smoother action, so the Cameron would be great for me. My friend however, has always preferred a light putter. He couldn't get round the heavier putters, such as my Ping or the Cameron. So i think at our level, its far more important to be comfortable with feel, and what you almost, psychologically, lend yourself too. Guys in the lower handicap echelons, i think the same principle applies. How many of us, have an old club in our bag, the old trusty get me out of trouble club, all the advancements in tech etc, but your old club….is the one you turn to

Ricardo Reyna says:

Over priced and getting higher!

Ralph Ebbutt says:

Bought a used 2018 Newport Select 2.5 for $305 to upgrade from an O-works 1W … feel and response and confidence I feel standing over putts makes it worthwhile. I only buy ‘like new’ or ‘excellent’ used clubs (after trying new at a fitter or demo range day)… more money for greens fees!

mailmanqcnc says:

I just bought a 2018 Newport select 2.5 in April, played 3 rounds and have made way more putts with it than my odyssey 1W putter. The balance and feel is incredible! It is my favorite club in my bag. It is definitely worth the money I paid …which was $306 US for demo model from a golf shop that was never hit on real grass. I absolutely love it!

David Maxfield says:

My wife just bought me a Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 and my putts went from on average 36 per round to 29 per round. Make of that what you will but outside of performance I think these putters are absolutely amazing!! I haven’t heard of anyone who owns a Scotty to speak a bad word about them and more to the point is it’s very rare to find them in pawn shops as people want to keep them. Since switching across I think I’m sold for life and I guess to add to my point is that I wasn’t unhappy with my previous putter but this made a massive difference for me. Couldn’t recommend them highly enough

wrjj84 says:

To me, as long as a putter has good balance I’ll use it. I got a heavy putter for $60 and I love it!

Neil Taylor says:

Tiger time, looking to game the Newport 2 this summer ???

Cadetri says:

I cannot possibly believe why a putter should be this expensive. People like to believe that there's so much technogy involved with putting but at the end of the day its a perpendicular blade on a stick. I always believe its the most healthy for a golfer to adjust to the club, not for the club to adjust to the player.

Christoph Rauch says:

These putters are only overpriced if no one buy them. Capitalism, folks – the only relevant price of an item is what someone is willing to pay for it.

Hind135 says:

I picked up a barely used 2016 sc putter for $230. Lots are available on used market, this is the best way to get this putter.

Chris Morgan says:

I got a great deal on a mizuno bettanardi putter on eBay for about $80. Very similar to the Cameron’s, not quite as buttery soft but for 1/4 of the price I’m quite satisfied

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