Are the NEW Titleist irons any better than the last models?

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My thoughts on the 2019 Titleist T100, T200 and T300 irons tested on the course and dry ball data.

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Bill Uransel says:

The dry ball data is all fine and dandy, but the changes from the old versions are related to feel and more importantly the turf interaction. Thoughts?

LOVE X.X.X says:

0:22 my love video :X

JAMES DO says:

Any change in dispersion? accuracy?

Ian Samuels says:

I play the ap3s so after this review as much as I like new clubs I can't justify getting the t200s

Alan King says:

If you're going to do club reviews you should know what you're talking about . If you're on a links into wind you take more club and swing easy if your 7 iron is spinning up in the air go 5 and swing smooth anybody that's playing this type of traditional loft players club knows that .
You miss lead people.?

Ray Rapp says:

I thought the T200 looked like a nice club – certainly a nice price! Having seen other reviews most were espousing the virtues of these T series irons. Incidentally Andy, you never mentioned what shafts were in the irons. I believe the stock shafts are AMT Black (regular) and AMT White (stiff) both with progressive weighting throughout the set.

Ed K says:

I am deciding between these and the Ping i210's? Thoughts?

Adam Williams says:

Conwy golf clubbbb

Mike PZ says:

lots of talking dude

Walter Winstanley says:

I agree with your drift, but Titleist at least keep to a 2 year cycle and they tend to make efficient rather than flashy equipment, which now reaches out to golfers of varying handicap levels. I think the T200 is a definite improvement from AP3, both in sound and feel. A head to head between T200 and PXG0211 would be very interesting.

Michael Nowak says:

I do not like the bit top line or bulky look, nor do I like thick soles. I do not want to see the back of the thick club out the back side.

Nick Britton says:

Thanks for this: IF you were thinking (how do these compare to the AP range) it would’ve been preferable to show like for like data. Instead of kinda guessing. It feels like you already knew that these weren’t going to be better than the AP range. Hence if you showed your data alongside a review I could’ve agreed (or not) people who have APs could then objectively decide, and people without are somewhat confused as they are comparing their Taylormades or mizuno, and don’t really care about APs –

the links lizard says:

Good review, how long have you being doing the stack and tilt swing.

S Ch says:

Did you find the 300s to have erratic carry distances?

Magicmeatbag says:

One of the things i noticed with the 718 ap2 club is that 7iron and above the feel wasn't anywhere near as good as the 8-gw. I think the tungsten really effects the feel and I think the new t-100 is probably going to be the same way i think.

Gary Smith says:

Good honest reporting

Gary Smith says:

Mizuno v titleist ?

nunyo business says:

I'm still gaming my DCI 762's from '02 and yet to find anything that's better for me and my swing. The ball always goes where I hit it. 🙂

Robin Beach says:

Hi Andy, thought I'd let you know my Seed SD-02 order has now arrived, so the balls must be back in stock.

John Aspinall says:

Is the AP1 the best choice for a 28 handicapper, or are there better products on the market?

Alex SAMANO says:

The T-800 Terminater, will Destroy the Golf course.

Mike Reed says:

You have helped me understand these three clubs but I do not see the need for three different clubs. It is all smoke and mirror marketing to me.

Paul O'Neil says:

As I suspected, my guess on the AP2 vs TS100 having very different spins was probably ball related. They appear to be very similar – the TS100 appears to generate a little faster ball speed given the thinner face.

Adrian says:

honest review – but in fairness to titleist no companies new iron realise is any different/improved from previous model – think they do looks good and think what titliest have done well with all of their new clubs is blending options through all 5 models – like if was looking for new irons i would get blend of mb, cb and t100's

Alex King says:

Think I’ll stick with my 718 ap2s

jpugolf says:

Well done Andy . another great and more importantly honest review of these irons.

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