Are You Being Taught the WRONG WAY to Release the Golf Club?

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There are a LOT of golf instructors out there teaching their students a foolish way to release the golf club that puts a TON of stress on the spine and is costing YOU a TON of distance.

A proper release that you see from all the tour pros is one where the forearms “crossover” to unleash the pent up energy in the wrists.

As you will learn in this golf instruction video, even Zach Johnson releases the club the way I'm going to show you and he is often used as an example by these instructors on how to release the club the wrong way!

As I always say, the camera never lies and here you'll see just how aggressively even Zach Johnson releases his forearms.

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Banana Snap Hook Teaching??

penpilot1 says:

Good video! I'm 67 and a 6. I've been holding on to it for several years and wondering where my distance went. Just decided recently to go ahead and let it rip and bingo. Hittling 1 club less and dead at it (when I let myself do it).
Good work, think this is a valuable lesson!

sabr686 says:

Your "5 Minutes" series are some of the finest, knowledge-packed instructional videos out there.

Jim George says:

Sorry dude, you are wrong.

Jason Little says:

I think you will also find pretty much all tour players exit hard left as well. I still see them releasing and striking the ball so am a little confused at the statements made here.
I suspect most amateurs are taught to try and hold the forearm rotation off as they flip at the ball and present the hosel if not timed perfect. Or in my case I flipped as a result of early extending and coming in steep. My point is, there are many many factors and reasons for parts of the swing so it’s very wrong to condemn holding the face off without knowing the history of that persons swing. But this video may well get people paying for your on line tuition so I can’t blame you at all.

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