Arms set at address

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Sometimes arm position at address is forgotten and the focus is on grip, stance and posture. Setting your arms correctly is going to help you start and continue your swing correctly.

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Peter Knight Golf says:

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Matthew Bartow says:

My swing has gotten SO flat. And I’ve realized it’s because my elbow is pointing down to the target. So hard to vertically lift from that position.

Brandon Tomas says:

Who thought this dude looks like the guy from Star Trek? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

MrAbrazor says:

Like Ben Hogan said I prefer to tie my arms firmly , I am pretty straight like this .

Adrian Leman says:

Thanks Peter,really helped🏌️👍

nararing3 says:

Good video Peter! Some golf couches say that the left elbow should point at target, but you say to the left hip. What is this concept like? form Japan.

leighjohnharvey says:

I think iv been having my right arm higher than left at address, right arms pretty straight.could this be the cause off shots going left to right and maybe causing ott especially with driver.

james fitzgerald says:

This guy is good

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