Augusta National Golf Club Flyover

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This is Augusta National Golf Club, home of The Masters PGA golf tournament. This is the most magnificent golf course in the world. If you have not physically visited the course then I urgently urge you to make a trip to this years Masters Tournament. I have joked to my friends that the rough looks so perfect that it must have been hand washed, blown dry and brushed like a professional hair stylist! The original videos of each hole are on



Doug Hyatt says:

Augusta National Golf flyover using DJI Phantom.

#djiphantom2visionplus #drone #augustanational 

jafstraycat says:

Ahh… to dream of playing there someday. What a beautiful course!

Club Magnolia Hospitality, Augusta, GA says:

This is a great way to experience Augusta National but it’s even better to
actually be there! Looking forward to 2015!

Dennis Healy says:

!18 Hole Flyover of Augusta National!

Augusta Gonçalves says:

mi gusta muito…

pickensful says:

The true intent of this club is pestiferous—for it regales apocryphal
meanings for certain levels of citizenry. The apathetical patrons of the
club are subjugated accepting certain groups that which remove its
apparitional states of accountability. This is the worst nation because it
hides everything, and gives nothing to those toilers that built its
existence. If you deny women and blacks, then Christianity is no longer
admissible. There are no places abroad that hold this country’s fucked

Anthony Kernich says:

Every golfer, be it Pro or weekend par 3 hacker would dream to step foot on
this hallowed ground. The presentation, the detail, the tradition of this
place in unrivalled. 

CoastaMonsta says:

One day… one day

Samuel Bradley says:


Dom Esposito says:

“Thank You”

mydealstash says:

Nice course.

Nancy Bates says:

we were on the 17th green…..

SopranosFan777 says:


mydealstash says:

Dang, at first I thought they were flying a Quadcopter drone (like the
phantom), or RC copter, shoot they were flying a real copter by the look of
the shadow!

Brad2Penske says:

Some of those holes on the front need more attention! They don’t get shown
nearly enough on TV

HBC423 says:

shit’s like nature but better

FCAM Hendrikx says:

Really love this course, really love to watch the Masters each year, just
one downside to Augusta National, virtually all the holes are right to
left. But again, i DO love this course

Tom Kirkendall says:

About time for The Masters.

John Tradewell says:

Great vid. Can you tell me what the music is please?

John Steven says:

I want to play there!

Samuel Kunz says:

Go home, you’re drunk

StuartFinnigan says:


LikeWiseLikeYou says:

Hole 1 – Basil Hole 2 – Shining Gate Hole 3 – Forlorn Sailor Hole 4 –
Evelyn Hole 5 – Graves of Life Hole 6 – Lunar Spoon Hole 7 – Curling Spree
Hole 8 – Bringing Back the Weekend Hole 9 – Mercy Hole 10 – Old Married
Couple Hole 11 – The Voyage of Charles Von Ducci Hole 12 – The Voyage of
the Seven Sisters Hole 13 – The Voyage of the Lawrence Swain Hole 14 –
Footprints Hole 15 – The King’s War Hole 16 – Love After the Change Hole 17
– Inside, Outside Hole 18 – Today

Catherine Grace Craft says:

Augusta has always had a special place in my heart for its’ beauty. i could
live there forever. peace

SuperMozzman says:


Mike Coppock says:

Thank you! A true treasure!

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