AWESOME NEW TRAINING AID for DRAWS AND FADES| Wisdom in Golf | Shawn Clement

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Lonny Larson says:

Looks like a great Training Aid for sure. I am concerned about hitting the ropes/strings, what happens if you cut one? LAL

Emm Zu says:

Hey everyone, this is Matt @ stringRods. I met Shawn at the PGA show a few months ago, and he is a great guy to talk to and a golf genius – just like you see in his videos. Shawn instantly "got" what we are trying to do with stringRods, -which is give all golfers the ability to practice consistently on the range. We don't think you can expect to improve if you can't recreate your setup and swing from one practice session to the next. Professional golfers have coaches that watch their setup and alignment on every practice swing. Amateur golfers do not have that luxury. With stringRods, you can setup the exact same way every time, because you get measurements. These measurements can be repeated each time on the driving range. For example, stringRods lets any golfer "see" and practice a 4 degree "draw/in-to-out" swing. The strings are meant to be hit while striking a ball. They do not break in our testing so far. Please message me if you have any questions, thanks!

Golfanwalt says:

are you doing something different with your left foot/leg here when starting your turn? looks more dynamic than in the other videos.

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