Awesome Tiger Woods | Golf Clinic | “2004” (FR)

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smart water says:

Best players uses Blade irons they are the best

G Sal says:

"putting to the picture"


Rye Alan Ulrey says:

212 yards with a 4 iron wow i can get about 200 or 204 maybe with a 4 iron in wgt lol

Master Squider says:

In 2007 I betted a guy $500 that I could flop a golf ball over him with a 56 degree SW without hitting him.

Jesse Duncan says:

Tigers back!!!!….. Its broken … Spinal

CrushOfSiel says:

@5:44 incoming knee injury right there. I modeled my swing after this awesome man and we both ended up with jacked up backs and knees. It's wonderful to play with a swing like that but you won't last long (Hey i looked like him but I definitely never played like him lol, at my best I got to a 3 hdcp) :(. I now try to channel Fred Couples, even then I get sore backs and knees after time at the range or a round.

AZ music says:

I keep sayin' Tiger is the Babe Ruth of Golf, he got so many of us playing that never would have if not for him.

Bob Marley says:

Quality Video So interesting

Raoul Duke says:

Check Swing…..his dad taught him that and its awesome……..

mike mandeville says:

adjacent segment syndrome — excessive force applied to the discs above/below a spinal fusion. Likely to catch him quickly going at it like he does and with the number of reps needed to play at a high level.


The era when audiences just sat, watched and listened without all holding their phones up to take pictures.

EM #1 says:

Did tiger say he usually hit an 8 iron 150 yards? I can hit it 150-155 and yet my driver is only around 250. There must be something wrong with me LOL. Tiger trying to be humble.

Mitch Yosh says:

He is so mentally strong

LG1031 says:

"anything under par and you've beat the golf course"…..I've never beaten a golf course.

Jeff says:

Just Pure, Raw Talent

Rektspresso says:

Does anyone know who the guy asking the questions on the other mic is? Whoever it is really sounds like Mike Tirico but I doubt it's him

Nicholas M says:

Thanks for this!!!

Patrick Swayze says:

I've talked to the staff at Torey Pines,and they say he's a complete douchebag.It doesn't take away from the fact that he's one of the greatest golf players in our time.

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