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New 5 part video series ‘Back to Basics'.

In these 5 videos Chris covers the basics from putting, chipping, bunker play, the swing and the driver.

In this first video Chris takes a look at putting, how you should set up to the ball and then offers some methods of practice that can help you develop your putting.

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Sean says:

Thank you Chris.
I just started playing again. I joined a league and our first practice round was last night. I 3 putted every green. I will keep it simple and just practice these drills you have shown. I've realized by trying to learn different skills on YouTube the worst thing I can do is hop around to different channels. I'm happy I watched you first!! Thanks again.

Adam Cox says:

Absolutely love this video. The drills are really accessible and I'm hoping will take a few shots of the scorecard Chris, thanks a lot!

Mo Town says:

I'm slightly confused at one point you state the putter head comes back on a slight angle and releases on a angle (angle is not the correct word but you probably know what I mean)…then on the 3rd drill you are attempting to keep the putter movement on the same path (straight).

john SOUTHALL says:

Best video on Youtube for explaining the fundamentals of putting.

Ng Keng Kock says:

Long winded

grsg05 says:

excellent video! thank you!

Peter McFarland says:

Best putting instructional video on YouTube. ?

Truth Defender says:

great video as always

Gordon Steen says:

Hi Chris, just watched your video on putting fundamentals and have to say just how well you covered all the basics, really excellent. One thing I like to do with my students, particularly those that find keeping their lower body quiet during the stroke is to take up an athletic set up at address, pushing their feet into the ground. This helps lock the lower body in position which I find gives great results and feedback.
Love the fact you use Phil Kenyons Visio putting AIDS, I find them really excellent too. One aid I use with the more elite golfer is a metre long rail which visibly shows what's happening to the first 3 feet of the putt.
Once again, really enjoy watching your presentations and look forward to seein more.
Regards, Gordon

sting5112002 says:

I LOVE this video! Not only is it a simple introduction for someone just getting into golf, but it’s a great “refresher” for people already into the game. It’s very informative and extremely helpful. Thanks and keep up the great work!!

sambhu sivalenka says:

Get to the point!

Imran Shamim says:

So much talking omg

vinod soni says:

very nicely explained, thanks.

Nick Hosto says:

Loved your attention to detail in this video. Thank you so much.

Terry Young says:

Mate you are far too Chatty. State you Claim, demonstrate it and cut your time in half. My honest opinion.

Bill Siggins says:

Nice ideas here, but please tighten up your presentation Chris. Seven minutes in the first tip begins.

Frank chiew says:

Excellent video on putting!
Well done Chris!!!

Gerry Grabinski says:

Hate to be a pain but did you ever do a video about left hand low and/or putting with a forward press? If yes, I can't find it/them. Thanks for everything. Gerry

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