BACK TO BASICS! Putting Lesson From a Tour Coach!

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BACK TO BASICS! Putting Lesson From a Tour Coach! Putting is hard! Holing more putts can ultimately lead to much lower scores and all around more confidence with your golf game. I've been struggling with putting for some time now and rather than changing from Scotty Cameron to taylormade spider too Odyssey Toulon design to ping fetch… I though, actually… I better just get a lesson. I get a putting lesson from European Tour putting coach Chris Dennis (@Chris_Dennis_Pga). We cover how to improve distance control, how to improve accuracy, how to hole more putts and how to go back to basics when you're struggling. Could this help you improve your putting? lets find out… and lets do it now!

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nick greenwood says:

ever so boring

Shawn Thompson says:

I think this would be my first legit full putting lesson. lol

Neil Dixon says:

Good video. I had a couple of putting lessons a year or so ago and it improved my putting no end. The best tip I got on tempo was to think ‘tick-tock’ tick on the backswing and tock on the through swing. Make sure they are both the same speed each word. Not tiiiiiiick – tock as I used to do, far too long a backswing. Bear in mind up to 40% of your strokes may be with the putter so with the investment.

Tim Nied says:

Where can you purchase the t-bar putting aid? Looks like it is extremely helpful for practicing putting.

Jim Saddler says:

James: Glad to see you've picked up the new TM Spider X putter! (Mine is on order.) Keep it up! I'm a little discouraged you're not putting well with it, but the lesson seems to have you straightened out! 🙂

s g says:

I've never taken specifically a putting lesson. I have worked on my putting with my instructor. I know I could probably work on "stroking" vs "hitting" the ball. I know I have a tendency to accelerate through the ball since 1) we do that on every other swing and 2) I have a tendency to decelerate. BTW, what is that training device called? And what is the benefit of arm position to be inline more with the shaft? I would think that would just be a independent thing just like the lie on your irons.

g1598 says:

what is the program he is using on his mobile phone?

Mungo 1967 says:

Best video I’ve ever seen you do. Get him on more. More use of a putter in a round (especially for me) than any other club.

Robin McGregor says:

Got alot out of it well done vid with Chris

T.J. Mills says:

Most informative vid yet James. Thank you

Tony Westwell says:

Fascinating that. Feel like I need a putting lesson now. Brilliant lesson

Stephen Muhl says:

I need a few of these. Putting lessons.

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