Backswing Body Turn And Coil For Better Golf Shots

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Follow Mark/4golfonline on twitter!/4golfonline Backswing Body Turn And Coil For Better Golf Shots with Mark Crossfield. Improve your golf backswing with better hip turn and body coil. Watch as three golfers who have sent their swings to Mark through the iPhone app (see link above) can improve their ball striking and direction control with improved hip turn. This is a backswinng golf lesson that could help many golfers improve tee shots, iron shots and approach play.

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Casey Morris says:


Do you think this is a good drill for a reverse spine tilt as well?



MMA Tycoon says:

Very helpful, thanks.

Safwan Abdul Razak says:

awesome awesome video mark! i had this same problem and listeninng to u made my shots sooo much more accurate and cleaner, especially with my driver. i havent pkayed in months and i went out on the weekend with a maye who plays every weekend and i was hitting the ball so well by slowing my backswing and controling my hips. thabks mark for the help! 😀

nissanaz itech says:

great vid Mark as always ! please could you upload fun videos in mobile golf channel (ur scnd) i would 110 % subscribe too to that channel, there always fun vids and i lol'd my ass off, thanks Mark!

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