Backswing Golf Lesson | Takeaway Drill

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Follow Mark/4golfonline on twitter!/4golfonline Mark Crossfield the Exeter golf professional talks about how to make a good golf backswing for better golf shots. Watch Mark's backswing golf drill to improve your golf and hit the golf ball straighter.

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barb sheehan says:

Hi Mark,
Really like your backswing tip…  how do you apply this to a driver  — seems so long to
get it in this position??  Barb from MN

kasey mcateer says:

What triggers the lift in the backswing once your on plane

Greg Johnson says:

What about the club face to your spine angle in the takeaway ? Should it be the same? Thanks for all the great videos….

Tae Kim says:

beautiful swing

MrA8figureman says:

U da man cross field

cyatuesday says:

im tryin to stay behind the ball when using the driver but i keep fallin back now at the end of my swing,, whats a good tip for good lateral movement

P says:

great!!! thanks very much

Mox_au says:

it's funny to look back at these and compare them to the quality of video and audio you have on the current vids……they've come a long way since this was made 🙂

SpetsnazMax says:

very helpful, tried it today, it helped me alot, my initial take away decides my shot, thanks 🙂

listentovictor says:

GREAT drill! Thanks.

gwilson453 says:

Hi Mark, do you have any practice drills for a swing that becomes too flat? I seem to start outside the line and then try to bring the club back inside. The result seems to be that the club is massively laid off at the start of the downswing and even though I know i'm doing it, I just can't seem to stop it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks – Gordon Wilson.

dannyboyno7 says:

Cheers for the tip, will give it a go!

Christian Novak says:

Great tip. It's refreshing to see a tip that is so simple yet effective.


First thing is work on a proper grip.

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