Bad Coaching – European Tour stars prank fans

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Ryder Cup stars Ian Poulter, Martin Kaymer, Padraig Harrington, and Lee Westwood prank real fans by giving the worst golf lessons they possibly can, with hilarious, ridiculous results.

Ever dreamed of having a one-on-one lesson with a golf legend?

How would Padraig Harrington, Martin Kaymer, Ian Poulter or Lee Westwood work for you? Expert tuition, unparalleled knowledge and priceless experience imparted in person to you by some of the world's best. What a treat…

Ahead of the Nedbank Golf Challenge, the seventh Rolex Series event of the year and the penultimate week of the 2017 Race to Dubai, we gave some lucky fans exactly this opportunity at Sun City.

The only problem? Our players were under strict instructions to do one thing – give the worst golf lessons they possibly could.

This was top players pranking real fans with hilarious, ridiculous results.



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Suhdude024 says:

lmao padraig. "why is the grass on the ball?"….."Oh! so ya don't see it!" LOL

LiquidGolf says:

“Yis but I’m not hitting the ball” ?

Dustin St. says:

The funny thing is. As I started with playing golf, my Teaching Professional actually told me to throw the club forwards…

Steven Tidwell says:

Its weird that I actually do some of these things….

Allytock V says:

Poulter wins. And Harrington with the grass was phenomenal

JH Signage says:

HA ha were so gumball you lot are mad

Guye Yturralde says:

Kymer eyes ? would like to see Louis O’s take on this.

maneco64 says:

Not funny. Golf is hard enough.

ConorDeCatastrophe says:

Easily the best Video you guys have produced ever.


Kaymer just moves his eye brows up amd down ?

robo931 says:

Funniest thing all year. Thank you!

pez555 says:

More of these please!!

Conor Barry says:

Harrington's were actually serious he didn't know this was a skit

Bleach says:

The r stands for wrists

golfeverysecond says:

so awkward to watch but I love it haha

Johnathan Wilson says:

Ohh so you don't see it hahaha

Johnathan Wilson says:

Hahaha wonderful

Athol Canterbury says:

Classic … with the best 'speci-men' {Harrington, Kaymer, Poulter Westwood }
… Africa loves it when Europeans have a good clean fun in Africa 😉 …
I can imagine the chaos if Stenson was included !
If only these pro golfers knew how much _ every time they return _ they affect positively on activities that are not even connected to golf ..

pkaces says:

I know hiding the ball has to be one of Harrington 's real drills ???

Danny Macpherson says:

Throw the club!!!! hahahaha

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