BALL WARS! Callaway vs Titleist + Mizuno GT 180 Driver – Tech Tuesday

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BALL WARS! Callaway vs Titleist + Mizuno GT 180 Driver – Tech Tuesday

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Loco Benno says:

I've finally made the switch away from ProV1 after years of playing them, took few months' ball testing. OnCore Elixr is what came out the winner….although I just played a sleeve of the new Seed Pro Soft at the weekend and it is very close to the Elixr for feel and performance but far cheaper. Torn now. Btw I've tried the new Titleist Tour Soft (whatever its called) and it's rubbish in my opinion, feels just as plastic-y and hollow as the NXT. Good luck in the pro-am dude, cheers

Jeff Diekemper says:

Did your dad get all of your old Green clothing?

Jeff Diekemper says:

Vice Pro Plus

Stuart Anderson says:

Chrome soft now. Worried about the changes in tech with the 2018, but have heard great things. Get my box of the newbies on Wed. ?

Bandit Baker says:

Glad you`r enjoying the "Sunny" Catalan coast as much as I am enjoying "Sunny" Bolton! My Ball of choice these days is the VICE PRO SOFT, by far the best combination of Price & Performance. I refuse to be RIPPED OFF by Titleist, Callaway and TM, when I can buy a Ball that performs as well as their offerings at HALF the Price. PLUS; I like the cool name!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Igor Jilek says:

Looking forward to have 5 yards more from titleist soft TOUR my life will ve changing ?☠️

Tony Waite says:

'been playing the srixon ad333 tour ball, good price point and great around the green
keep up the good work
all the best

Mark Blankenship says:

Vice Pro Neon Red

Gabriel Guess says:

Calloway Chrome Soft Truvis and TP5 and Pro V1

craigxix says:

Dunlop I go through half a dozen a round.

Mike McNulty says:

Callaway supersoft but thinking of switching to chrome soft this year.
Lovely Spanish at the end ??️‍♂️⛳

Mike says:

Going to test oncore Elixr, normally play Taylormade project (a)

mark hodgson says:

,useing srixon Ad333tour but been using titleist trusoft during winter to good effect

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