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Shawn teaches a lesson barefoot to give you some important tips on footwork and balance in the golf swing.


omeradhia says:

Is it possible to generate the same club head speed swinging barefoot ?

Geo Jor says:

thanks for this Shawn …

Mike Birnie says:

awareness is everything! we use it to teach dancing! now I'll try it for golf! thanks Shaun

George Sitgraves says:

The elephant walk is your best exercise for timing. It is awkward at first but t works.

Bear James says:

I hereby call this video…. Toe Jam!!! I've been watching your videos since 2007 and only play 15 times or so a year but shoot mid 80's thanks to your W.I.G. Thanks Shawn!

K. . . says:

Come on, folks, this video is lingering out here a little too long. Perhaps it's time to post a link to it on some foot fetish forums, and watch that hit count rocket past 3000 ; )

Markus Fraunholz says:

Great Video again! I hope you don't mind me saying that the muscles of your feet can't perform that way in normal golf shoes? Most feet muscles are totally underdeveloped and weak because of stiff and tight conventional shoes…

greenley77 says:

Gives new meaning to the term "Swinging out of your shoes…".

J@D W says:

Half a dozen swings with the eyes closed is helpful in finding balance.

Ian MacCandless says:

Hi Shawn. Isn't this something Sam Snead said you could try practising? I guess the underlying motivation to make a smooth, rhythmic swing is that you're going to hurt your toes if you push off your right foot and get it wrong. By the way, many thanks for your reply to my glove question to other day.

A Way says:

That is dedication to the cause 👍🏼

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