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This video discusses a basic golf swing tip for the perfect start to the downswing. The transition is the most important part of the golf swing and without getting the sequence right then your never going to find consistency in your game. So watch this video on this simple belt buckle move and start improving your golf.

Hip rotation is a part of the golf swing which can make a huge difference to every golfer and understanding how to turn and use your hips will help you become a better and more powerful golfer.

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Golfers always want to know how to hit the golf further and how to play better golf, often searching for swing trainers, swing training aids or even looking for simple golf tips in hope they will make a huge difference to your golf game and help you break 100, 90, 80 or so on.

This video will show you in slow motion exactly what you need to do and show slow motion examples of the movements you need to achieve to have a successful golf swing.

Are you wondering how to swing the golf club on plane, how to create a simple golf swing, how to create more club head speed in your golf swing, how to hit the driver then this channel will explain all the common questions posed by amateur golfers from all over the world as I am truly trying to help golfers improve their games and get a good idea of how to swing the golf club.

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As ever all of these points are applicable for senior, lady and junior golfer all alike and would also suggest all this content should be absorbed by beginner golfers too.

All golfers need to understand regardless of their type of swing or desired outcome rotation needs to exist and this video will teach you the benefits but all how to rotate the upper and lower body in the golf swing.

This video discusses how the right elbow and the right shoulder should move in the golf swing in detail so you know how to make the best changes to your game.

I also discuss one of the biggest problems with amateur golfers which is an over the top move which is caused by a right shoulder and elbow move not a over rotational movement.

Many golfers struggle with hip rotation, backswing positions and hip extensions. This video just goes over the problems many golfers face and the best thing for them to do to improve their golf swings.


Pam Cromwell says:

I too have watched what seems like endless list of videos until I stumbled upon Russell! I like that he acknowledges there can be variations on how we all get to certain points in our swing and where we go from there. In the beginning I really had to concentrate on listening to his fast paced British chat, but am now tuned in. He’s very articulate and I am now on board.? Next up I will try to get my swing video done and sent. Thanks and keep up the informative videos. Also, looking forward to more videos dealing with some limited flexibility.

JnV C says:

Hi Russell. The belt buckle tip is an absolute winner.
Does this apply to both irons and driver?
Awesome lessons and feel tips. Thank you for your time and effort.

Justin Loomis says:

When I get the downswing on plane, I hit my 6 iron 185-190 yards. When it’s off, it falls to 165. It’s an enormous difference from something very basic in an overall complicated swing. Its so frustrating to be so inconsistent.

name says:

because of this channel I've unsubscribed to all my other channels (Meandmygolf etc. I think they're entertaining and come out with quite informative vids, but because there are two people it gets distracting sometimes) to focus my golf information as much as possible.
If I had the resources I would actually travel to England and get coached by Russel in person. For now, I'll have to rely on Youtube and his channel.

Tiến Dũng Nguyễn says:

Cô giáo gặp mấy em nhỏ chưa ạ ?

Learned Golfer says:

The key move from Russell's video for me is the belt buckle into the left heel transition move which shallows the club automatically, prevents early extension and leaves space for the arms to work, genius!!!

Jim Samaras says:

I see you're getting more followers Russell. Congrats to the best teacher on Youtube

B Johnson says:

Good stuff.
Getting on the left side BEFORE the downswing begins is, IMO, key.
This begins the separation. This allows the eyes to be steady into the hit.
This makes clearing the left hip easier.
What also makes the left hip easier to clear is preventing it from going OUT in the backswing. It has been proven that pros keep that left hip back in the back swing which facilitates the clearing …it has less distance to travel to get out of the way.

vimal Mittal says:

U have to make mind if club drops first or hip moves first in downswing. There is not much time to think of both during downswing. It happens so quick so one thought is better than two or more thoughts in downswing.

Competitive Horseman says:

Love it!!!!!!

Ben green says:

Another gold nugget video ~ spot on with shallowing club look and early extension problem ~ Looking forward to videos for the less supple of us weekenders and what we can do to be the best we can be….I have been a life time flipper but trying to change it as the iron play has been a bit of a weakness ….???

Baggervance1956 says:

Thank you Russel for another great video. I have a pretty good backswing but suffer from all the common downswing faults – over the top, pullling down, early extension, chicken wing – all are the result of poor transition due to lack of rotation so looking forward to working on this drill

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