Basics to Clutch Putting | Golf with Aimee

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Aimee shows you how to grip the putter,
and shows three key points to putt like the pros!

Filmed at Moreno Valley GC


Billy C says:

Good teacher…Im learning many valuable lessons that Ive not figured out alone in 25+ years of playing.
Keep up the nice work Aimee

Allan Zhuang says:

Putting goddess, your lessons are good! Especially, for a beginners like me.

dgrim1000 says:

Damn good lesson.

James Adcock says:

Nice lesson exactly what i needed

Scott Brown says:

best putting tip on youtube !

Claude Rochefort says:

Aimee, what are your thoughts on the left hand down grip for putting?

Jindo Padam says:

Have just seen your lessons they are simple and good thanks amiee

bobbelonie says:

Seriously Aimee, if there is ever a World Championship Teaching Anything don't hesitate to sign up, it might be you!
You are truly a great born teacher that can teach more very effectively in 7 minutes then someone else in 3 months.

Neil T says:

You are REALLY good!!!!!

gary turner says:

Missed lots of short putts today so going to focus more on this lesson Aimee

chan kah hoe perunding letra says:

thank you for all your video, easy to understand and logical

Barry smith says:

This help me good drill ,,,,,,😁

Dryfield3 says:

thx Amiee, I was always a good putter, but loved what you had to say.

Martin Fassig says:

Really good lesson Aimee. I am putting better than I have in 10 years.

Shengli Wang says:

Those videos are great. Even for me who plays golf for more than 20 years I still think those tips are useful. Thanks for sharing.
However, I do have one question if alright with you. When you do putting, how do you control the distance and direction? Mind sharing those two?

Philip Shau Kong Lee says:

A really great teacher.

Malcolm Stein says:

can you help me get extra distance with my driver.i am 68years old.i need to learnhow to draw the ball.thanks

John Barker says:

New to Aimee,I wish I heard of Aimee a long time ago, she hads a great aptitude for teaching. Love-N-it.

Patricia Talbert says:

Aimee, thank you so much, great lessons, all of them. It is so nice to finally have an instructor that I can follow and understand. Wish I lived in your area. I would totally hire you as my golf instructor.

Brian Reilly says:

tried it today worked really well thanks another masterclass

Jean Lee says:

Wow this is great. Different than what I was told but makes more sense this way. Eager to try it out.

Tadhg O’Connor says:

best putting lesson on YouTube

Joe Cheng says:

Excellent instructions

Ken McFarland says:

brilliant,  bowed left wrist, make so much sense for a straight back swing.

Blake says:

I have a putting video that is SO simple and effective 🙂

Romband1919 says:

Thanks Aimee love your lesson

Daniel Yeo says:

Another life-changing lesson. Putting putter head flat on green alone made my putt a lot more stable and saved many strokes. Coupled with proper grip, ball position, and using core with elbows in, YES, I'm putting like a pro, just like you said. Thanks a million!

firstsergeantallen says:

Excellent video as usual Aimee.

cxnels2 says:

Best instruction on the internet – please keep the lessons coming!

Heeki Park says:

best lesson^^

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