BATTLE GOLF FINALE at Reunion Golf Resort, Orlando

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BATTLE GOLF FINALE at Reunion Golf Resort, Orlando
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davemucky says:

Nice golf , shame no clubs change hands . Next time I play we are playing
this format so thanks for that lol , I would take driver , 3 wood and 2

Stompy77 says:

For Pete: His driver, three wood and 2 long irons.

For Rick: His four wedges.

Jordan Cox says:

About time! I’ve been waiting ALL DAY! :)

MrBadassbuddha says:

Two points really, 1. Rick, please burn that bloody blue body warmer you
wear all the time, you look like someone you see licking the back windows
of a white minibus while singing ‘ the wheels of the bus go round and
round. 2. Did finchy at 17 mins put the pin back upside down? I swear there
was no flag on it.Like the idea of ‘battle golf, shame we didn’t actually
see it, but cheers for posting anyway

James Littler says:

Flixton in February is going to appear a trifle dull after being spoilt
with all this Turkey and Florida shenanigans. You’re going to have arrange
a four-ball with a couple of large-knockered nymphos or something.

Gareth Hughes says:

I would take Ricks driver (obviously), 3 wood, putter, 58 wedge
And for Finchy, the driver, 3 wood, 1 iron and putter. He looks like he
could chip well with shovel so might hurt him more to take the distance out
his bag

Rick Shiels PGA says:

BATTLE GOLF FINALE at Reunion Golf Resort, Orlando

Final part here! @PfGolfPro

MrBucci20 says:

I would of taken
2. Hybrid or 1iron,
3. Pitching wedge,
4. 3wood.

You both seem to use your pitching wedge for lots of different yardages,
and various types of shots. I think removing it would cause you a lot of
issues 150yards and in.

John White says:

After seeing all those bunkers and water, I would have just handed you my
bag of clubs and gone to drink in the clubhouse!

Don DeMarcus says:

déjà vu—-Night golf/Turkey/Christmas. Seen that put before. Great video
as usual guys.

Ben Flynn says:

great format guys! would love to see this again where you actually steal
some clubs 😉 Heartbreaking end for Pete there. My putter would have been
on the next hole!

Rick Howarth says:

Good show. Great course. Drivers would come out, and wedges, as it’s pretty
much all you guys use!

TheGamingSpud says:

Possibly the most disappointing end. I wanted ricks bag to be overflowing
with clubs ;(

Simon Berry says:

Last of the big hitters on 17! Lol both with 100 yards odd left, maybe it
should be #250challenge instead Pete! 

David R says:

Pete needed a snickers bar on the last…

rebel4669 says:

Finchy nooo! Nice one, guys. Keep the matches coming

Kieran Baker says:

Love this mini series! It would be better if someone actually one a couple
of holes though!!!!!!

lotxa nol says:

Driver 3 wood 1iron/rescue most lofted wedge

Alex Hurt says:

should sell your own shirts rick, like the one your wearing 

kyle sawyer says:

What shaft is in your g30

SteLi72 says:

Fun format! I would’ve taken away 3 longest clubs+putter :)

KKrafft2 says:

I like the smack talk 

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