BATTLE GOLF Pt 2 at Reunion Golf Resort, Orlando

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BATTLE GOLF Pt 2 at Reunion Golf Resort, Orlando

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Christian Cunningham says:

Didn’t get a yardage for a tee shot over a body of water?
You boys were becoming a tad bit careless over here in the states.
I don’t blame you, I love golf in Florida.

gordon o'riordan says:

might take away the same clubs for each of ye. Driver, 3 wood and your
3iron/hybrid and 4 irons. Just or the next par 4 one of ye wud be hitting
the driver while the other wud be faced with teeing off with a 5 iron,
mightn’t make any difference to ye but to the average Joe wud make a huge

Mark Dean says:

Pete, Driver, 5, 7 and p wedge.
Rick, Driver, hybrid, 3 wood and 6 iron.

Rick Shiels PGA says:

BATTLE GOLF Pt 2 at Reunion Golf Resort, Orlando

See how the battle turns out in part 2

Golfguy076 says:

You can hit provisionals guys

Stephane Gauthier says:

I can’t wait to see somebody lose their clubs! 

Skyboxer says:

Sweet… Just got up and now a little coffee with some golf 🙂
Thanks fellas…

john yakubowski says:

I am leaving on the autotrain tomorrow for Reunion unfortunately I had
rotator cuff surgery on 1/5/15 so no golf this time. Played this course
last year. Great course and enjoyed the memories via your video. Great game
will have to try it when I can play again.
Enjoy your club reviews very much.

Anthony Ball says:

Pete: Driver, Putter, Pitching wedge and 3 wood
Rick: Driver, Putter, Driving Iron and pitching wedge

Wes Ferrin says:

Rick, You need to increase the battle golf rules to take a club for missed
fairway or green or bunker.

Phill Rudd says:

When you said Battle golf was that just code for Tickle golf?

I’d take All of your wedges off each of you on a par 4. The 4 longest clubs
on par 5’s and 4 clubs surrounding the distance of the par 3 if that was
the next hole. I think you guys should’ve had the max limit at 7 clubs
mainly because I’m mean. :)

Colm McCaffery says:

Pete should take Ricks driver, and 3 wedges
Rick should take Petes Driver, 3Wood PW and 9iron
Great watching you guys, see you in part 3

cwugrad396 says:

super entertaining video. great up and down on that par 3. wonder how
“hammer” long that carry needed to be on the line you took over the water?
I would take driver and the 3 most lofted wedges off both

Andrew Finlayson says:

Well, I’d look at what the next hole was, and take the clubs my opponent
would need on that hole. Say its a 170 yd par 3…. take away the 4 iron
through 7 iron and see if he can make a par by cutting back on his 3 iron,
or hammering his 8 iron 🙂 If I could get another two clubs on that hole,
so he’s now 6 clubs down, its practically game over.

Neil Burton says:

Great format guys, nice to see the competitive beast coming out in both of
you! Would have to take Driver, 3 wood, lob wedge and putter away. Pincer
movement from both ends of the bag :-)

MrShanghai34 says:

Driver… Couple of wedges….. I would take a putter as well…. Putter is
in play…right???

Tiny Dave says:

Love these pair. I’m sure Pete said I could tag along and be the camera man
for future trips :-P

James Littler says:

When the hole is all squared you should take one club off each other. Very
enjoyable video. 

rebel4669 says:

I absolutely love watching these videos, Rick. As for battle golf, I’d have
to take away Dr, 3w, sw, gw to start. 

Daniel092511 says:

Boring!!! We need some club stealing!!

Jamie Brown says:

Loving this! May have to start getting on the battle golf myself!

06aikens says:

Omg please someone win a hole… ahah

Ant D says:

if they were playing with The Hammer that 64 would be first out the bag…

Ankush Chadha says:

GRRR when are the clubs going away ?

10541 says:

Driver, Wood, 5 Iron, P-wedge

Jonas Floberg says:

Rick: driver ,60 Wedge , 3 Wood and 4 iron.
Peter: driver 52 Wedge , 3 Wood and 7 iron.

Logan Skelton says:

U gonna play TPC Sawgrass?

Thomas Pettersson says:

Putter is excluded.

Stewart Muirhead says:

Driver,7,8,9 off both of them. 

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