Battle of the 2-irons: TaylorMade GAPR Lo v P790 UDI

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Our TaylorMade GAPR Lo v P790 UDI test took place at Leeds Golf Centre and Rudding Park.

We've already done a full review of the TaylorMade GAPR clubs but wanted to put the Lo, Mid and Hi up against the current clubs in my bag to see if they could help me hit my numbers more consistently.
TaylorMade GAPR Lo v P790 UDI – The methodology

TaylorMade GAPR Lo v P790 UDI

The TaylorMade P790 UDI 2-iron has been working well for me out on the course.

It has been especially good through this warm and dry summer with the ball getting plenty of run.

But according to TaylorMade the GAPR Lo should be a little bit more forgiving and versatile.

TaylorMade GAPR Lo v P790 UDI

But they are essentially trying to offer the same thing – a low and penetrating ball flight.

The two clubs I tested both have 17˚ of loft and a similar graphite shaft.

As well as getting launch monitor data, I also took both out on to the course to play nine holes hitting both of every tee to see which worked the best in real life.
TaylorMade GAPR Lo v P790 UDI – The technology

There's similar technology here as both have a hollow construction then filled with TaylorMade's ‘speedfoam' technology to improve the sound and feel.

TaylorMade GAPR Lo v P790 UDI

The GAPR actually has an adjustable loft sleeve so can be fine tuned a bit further than the P790 UDI.

In the address position, the GAPR just seems to have a bit more beef behind the face so gives the appearance of being more forgiving.


But the TaylorMade just looks a bit sleeker and more like an iron.

The GAPR looks like something between a hybrid and an iron. It's a bit of a weird, black, hitting thing.
TaylorMade GAPR Lo v P790 UDI – The results

With the launch monitor numbers there was very little to split these two.

Both had similar ball speed, carry and total distance numbers.

TaylorMade GAPR Lo v P790 UDI

There was a bit of difference with the height and spin.

TaylorMade GAPR Lo v P790 UDI

The GAPR Lo actually spun a bit more and launched a bit lower on average.

But with the on course testing, I found there to be very little difference between them.

If I hit a good shot with both, I found the ball was pretty much in the exact same place on the fairway.
TaylorMade GAPR Lo v P790 UDI – NCG verdict

TaylorMade GAPR Lo v P790 UDI

So am I tempted to put the GAPR Lo in my bag instead of the P790 UDI?

Not really because if anything the numbers were slightly better with the P790 and I just prefer the overall look sound and feel.

TaylorMade GAPR Lo v P790 UDI review

Could I put the GAPR Lo in my bag and be happy with it? Absolutely. But I'd need to see a significant performance gain for me to switch out the P790 UDI which has been one of my best-performing clubs this year.


GAPR Lo: £229 (KBS Hybrid shaft)

P790 UDI: £199 (Project X Hzrdus shaft)

More information can be found on the TaylorMade website.

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Richard Woods says:

I've had pxg titleist t-mb and udi.
Udi in the bag and other 2 sold on eBay. Best club in the bag this year. Never been lower than 4 in 20 odd years and I've finally got down to 3

Bret Muy says:

Bought the udi last week. When I hit off a tee it’s the purest feeling club I’ve hit to date. Swing speed 100-103 carry 230-235 roll out 250ish. incredible equipment. Can’t wait to test gapr lo.

T R says:

Very interesting. I would like to see a comparison between the gapr mid in a three iron and a traditional three iron. The mid looks like it may be easier to hit off the deck or out of the rough.

wyman wong says:

Great review. Would you stick with the stock default graphite shaft or would you consider a steel option?

Bandit Baker says:

Interesting H2H James. Right from the launch I felt that the Gapr range was the brain child of TM`s Marketing dept rather than "real" product developments. An the more I look at them the more convinced I am that the Low & High are just repackaged Driving Irons & Hybrids and that they would compete with existing TM products.
It`s only the Mid that brings anything new to the party by being a "beefed" up Driving Iron, but the number of recreational golfers that will buy the Mid will be limited to good Ball strikers.
My suspicion is that the GAPR range will dropped sooner than later and TM`s Marketeers will move on to their next Big idea!


Will be interesting to see an on course comparison between the Gapr's off the tee. To he honest, you would think the low is not the club designed for you…

Lombo21 says:

What is your opinion in hitting these pair of options from the fairway? Would you consider them a replacement for say a 5 wood or would you consider these more if an off the tee option only?

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