Be Careful With Modern Golf Drivers..

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Be Careful With Modern Drivers – in this Finch Weekley we are looking at the low spin movement in golf driver technology plus discuss the YouTube Charity Golf Day

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Peter Finch Golf says:

Guys I just wanted to say this isn’t a video bashing club manufacturers, I LIKE a lot of the new gear coming out and will probably be switching into entirely new clubs this year. It’s fun testing them out and giving them a whack. This video is about how pushing towards lower spin rates might not be right for many golfers who don’t strike the ball consistently to optimise launch conditions. Remember with some modern drivers you can also alter the club/shaft combo to optimise spin for your game to help with dodgy strikes ?

Isaac says:

I was expecting you to say they where fragile.

30 Second Golf Lessons says:

Great advice mate! Thanks!

matt H says:

Great points. I definitely suffer from low launch and not enough spin. But what drivers are currently on the market that are higher spinning?

Tony D’Annunzio says:

They can’t make the face any faster. Aerodynamics, spin and forgiveness only things left. Ebay is you’re friend.

MG says:

Just got an f8 for $150. Very excited!

Vegas Mitchell says:

Loved the Blue color Drivers from Mizuno! Sht everyone has that Dull Black color driver.

Rob C says:

Charity event… I'm gonna go fly halfway around the world and watch a bunch of hacks slap it around the rough and bunkers… Naa thanks, I'm out.

Rob C says:

Guys don't listen to Finch. That $550 driver will make you hit every fairway and hit absolutely gargantuan drives. In fact, you can fly… Go fly into the night sky and ride ur new driver like a broom stick

Bill Malec says:

Have a Ping G30. Will take breaking it to get it out of my bag. Then I'll buy a used G-whatever stupid number they're on then. "It's longer than our last model". Yeah 1/2 yard longer. We stopped believing the hype when they started calling a 6 iron a 7 iron and trying to tell us they're longer.

micheal coler says:

I have a cheep titanium insert head with a bubble shaft from the early 90’s I smash it 300 in the fairway consistently

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