Be POSITIVE not NEGATIVE – Course Management Vlog – Ayla Golf Club

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Be POSITIVE not NEGATIVE – Course Management Vlog – Ayla Golf Club – In this vlog we look at how to remain positive and take the good things from bad situations.

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I deliver straight talking, easy to follow, honest, professional, calculated advice to all of my viewers from beginner to tour pro. This tried and tested method of coaching has helped many golfers achieve their personal goals and beyond.

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Paul Wendon-Blixrud says:

Not really modelling or showing how to be positive. More of an emotional roller coaster. Do you need my help?

Golf & Tesla says:

Thanks . interesting video: I played the course in January 2019 and made this video:

Toni says:

Hi Pete,

I did comment for your vlogs' footage quality, about shaky cam and bla bla bla, but after I saw this one, I know you made a huge improvement.
Good use of a tripod, high quality footage and editing, nice layout before start the holes.
Moreover, your thinking process and plan explanation both are on point.

Hope to see more quality videos from you this year.

Martin Savard says:

You play golf with the right attitude and mindset. Competitive yet having fun and enjoying the moment. Great content as usual.

Grumpy Santa says:

Thought process ?

Malcolm A. says:

Great vlog series Peter; really enjoyed the course management tips. The bit about how to be realistic in a fairway bunker was particularly good.
Hope you enjoyed the coffee!

Francesco Cariello says:

Hey Peter…i have a question. could/would you make a video in regards to long irons? i have NO troubles with my driver, woods, or wedges. but when i get to that 200-230 mark i tend to push my 3/4 irons right. i've spent countless hours at the range trying to straighten it out (have not video recorded myself which i will do next) but i cant get a grip on shaping those long irons the way i want.

Gary Knight says:

Get a grip

Merry Christmas to all subscribers

Robin Ward says:

Driver I worked with used to say that "always be positive nit negative, unless your a battery"

Mark F says:

Stunning course, and great informative and entertaining video, did using the putter from off the green on the 17th ever cross your mind?

Dennis Romero says:

As they say, a bad day of golf is better than a good day at work. Disclaimer: Not applicable to tour professionals. ?

Scotty doesn'tKNOW says:

I was just in Israel last week.

John Dunne says:

My positive thoughts: – (i) I would have been very happy with that score; (ii) course and surroundings look lovely; (iii) weather looks brill.
Question: – What's the place got to offer before and after the golf game? Yes another vlog.

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